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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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To all the lawyers out there, hypothetically speaking, if my boss decided to close the hotel due to this Coronavirus and the franchise threatened to keep us closed for months or years, what kind of lawsuit would that open up?  

I don’t have all the details, just that she said the franchise said that would happen essentially.  Apparently they’re being complete Butkuses to the independently owned hotels under their banner.  Really upsetting a lot of owners.

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We'll get through this and when we do a hurricane will crash into the east coast of the United States and start another crazy survival story.

China is buying up American stocks like it's going out of style. They'll own more of the US than we do. They may already own more. O.o

I'm probably going to die before the Vikings ever win a Super Bowl. Probably live long enough to see the Packers win a couple more.

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Jon Cohen is a writer for Science Magazine and he has been focused on epidemics/pandemics since the HIV outbreak in the 80's.
He's a good follow for some of the latest info for those interested


Helen Branswell is another excellent source and worth a follow on twitter


And here's one from Stat talking about at-home testing which may be available soon


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Article on the use of Chloroquine


"As I said yesterday, I find the reports of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine activity against the coronovirus very interesting, but preliminary. There has as yet been no well-controlled trial, and unfortunately the effects seen are still the sort of thing that can look exciting but disappear when you look closely.

I mean that. It happens all the time – ask anyone else who does drug research for a living. If this drug isn’t useful, then sending hundreds of millions of people out to swallow all of it that they can find will be a massive waste of time and money, and will actively harm people besides. This is not a benign compound; it should only be taken when you have a solid expectation of benefit, and , we don’t yet have that. Better trials are cranking up right now: please, wait for those.

The generic drug companies (Teva and Mylan, I’ve seen so far, and there’s this) that are cranking up production are doing the prudent thing – if this reads out well, we’ll need a lot of it. But we’ll need to give it to people who are in bad shape from the viral infection, too, remember that, and I fear that a lot of people around the world are just starting to take it now in hopes of a prophylactic effect, which is a bad idea."

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