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New 2 Round Mock Draft!

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Love Becton, not sure how I feel about Delpit at 20 with our DL problems.

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On 3/21/2020 at 8:55 AM, m haynes said:

Nice draft. Thanks

I don't think the Pats will take a QB at 23 especially Herbert.  Everyone knows Brady is gone and wants to give them the QB of the future. IMO Herbet value is not any better than Sidman who is on the roster which in all indications they really like.

If Herbert is there at 23 that tell you what other think of him. But if he is there mostly likely the Pats would trade the pick and go for a QB later in the draft such as Fromm and Jalen Hurts. ( I'm not saying here that I am a fan of both, maybe Hurts I like in the 2/3 rd)

Patriots need more draft choices. They have to overhaul there roster with youth. They need so much and they a limited with cap space.  The Pats at this time have no WR weapons and zero TEs.  Not to mentioned they lost 5 starter on defense.

PS  IMO They missed last year with Harry. He to slow, and doesn't have the skills to play out side in the NFL.  Maybe a 2nd or 3rd option but that's it, no way a 1st option which is a disappointment for a 1st round pick.

I don't actually think Herbert will be around at 23, but I did this mock with no trades and there's not really a great fit after 5 if the Chargers pass on him.

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