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How many WR1's are in the NFL? And how important is it?

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On 3/27/2020 at 3:23 PM, tyler735 said:

This is the equivalent of saying guys like Brady/Manning can't be the best QB in NFL history because they didn't do everything as they weren't athletic like a Russell Wilson/Lamar Jackson. 

Not exactly apples-to-apples, though. Quarterback notoriously requires the least amount of athletic ability to play (aside from K/P). Don’t disagree with your overall point, but that isn’t a great comparison. Could’ve just stayed at the WR position and looked at Rice - widely considered the GOAT - who wasn’t an elite athlete but an elite football player. 

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To me, those are your true "franchise" WRs

There's a smattering of WR1 level talents who can be boom or bust like Marvin Jones, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Amari Cooper, etc. or a guy who has a couple nuts traits like Tyreek's speed.

After that, you get into the #1's by default- Sutton, Fitzgerald (I rank him out of respect, understanding he's not officially a #1 anymore but was still the Cardinals best WR).

But in response to the original question, I would say there aren't more than 6-8 true "#1's" in the league, but about 15 when you count in the Cris Carter's to the few Randy Moss's. 

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