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12th Man Rise Up - Introduce Yourself!!!

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Your life
Username: Landog3
Age: 29
State you were born in: Washington
State you live in now: Washington
Something unique about you: I am ambidextrous

Your love of the Seahawks
When did you start following the Seahawks: Late 90s, but really got into football and the team in the early 2000s
What made you become a fan: I am from around Seattle, so easy decision
Favorite current Seahawk(s): DK Metcalf, Russ
All-time favorite Seahawk(s): Walter Jones, Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin
Favorite moment in team history: Winning the super bowl

Your interests
Other favorite teams: Trail Blazers, Mariners, Oregon Ducks
Hobbies outside of football: I like the outdoors, working on my truck, being with family, avid fps pc gamer
Favorite movie: Catch Me If You Can, Fury, Pineapple Express
Favorite TV Show: Californication, Stranger Things, That 70s Show
Favorite band: Right now probably Luke Combs or Morgan Wallen

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