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Get to know fellow Jets fans on this forum

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We did this on the Bayern Munich forum I'm on and people really liked it (with the down time with the virus around). If you want (obviously you don't have to), say if you want to nominate yourself (I'll go in order of who responds to this, that wants to) and for 24hrs I'll run a thread where people can ask questions about you. The person being asked the questions will respond and tell as much as they care to about themself in that time frame. Once complete, I'll delete the threads so they don't crowd the forum and get revisited.


I'll go 3rd...

So post in here if you're interested... (going to cap it off at 10 people if there's even that many that are interested).


List as of now is...

1. xenajets

2. jetsfan4life51

3. Bobby816

4. jetskid007

5. KingOfTheDot

6. BlaZeN37

7. Dr.O

8. SDotNova

9. Rich51

10. JetsFan15

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I'm down....I'll have to check here more often.  Surprisingly haven't been on my computer despite being cooped up.

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4 hours ago, Bianconero said:


If everything is still on lockdown bc of the virus I will for sure continue more than 10 (which is very likely).

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Oh and BTW guys, just got laid off yesterday so now I am officially allowed to advertise for online coaching.  If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me, training, nutrition, home exercises, supps, etc.  Free of charge.

And then if online coaching was something you or someone you know is interested in just so you have direction we can address that when things get back to normal.

Thanks guys!

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