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FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

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23 hours ago, Mid Iowa said:

I think he'll be frustrated under Brees, as he's a deep threat guy (Brees isn't that), but will be a really good WR down the road, as in a few years from now. This pick could be a good "age fill" opposite Thomas and Sanders.

I still think some LB talent is needed. Davis isn't getting any younger, and although he's one of the best in the league, if he goes down with any sort of injury, our defense is hosed. 

I mean let's be honest.  Brees probably has about 2 years max left in him, so by the time Jeudy gets adjusted to the NFL we'll have a QB that can throw deep

Also I agree on LB talent.  Davis is great and I love Anzalone, when he's healthy, but he's never healthy and we need at least one LB outside of Davis that is starter caliber.  I see a lot of mock drafts having either Murray or Queen coming to us and unfortunately Simmons goes in the top 8 so way too far outside of our trade up range.  If he drops to something like 13 though I could see another Davenport type trade where we give up this and next year's first.

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