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OnWisconsin Drafting Defense Building the Future

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I was playing around on Fanspeak and came up with this scenario. Again I know it’s not real but I am bored without sports. So rip it apart I don’t care. Enjoy

Gutey needs money as players are still out there for him to grab.

Restructures Adams and Bahk. No brainers long time PACKERS we need them.

Cut Lane Taylor

Free Agents:

Everyone we already brought back.

Demarcus Robinson WR

Rashard Higgins WR

Ronald Darby CB


DT Kenny Clark Big time money for Clark he earned it 

RB Aaron Jones A raise for our offense but no where near top money. He sees the writing on the wall and just wants to be a Packer. Loves it here and wants to stay. Gutey gives him a raise and keeps him happy.


1: Patrick Queen ILB

2: Ross Blacklock DT

3: Neville Gallimore DT

4: Tyler Biadasz C

5:  DJ Wonnum OLB

6: Willie Gay JR ILB

6: Harrison Hand CB

6: Jacob Breeland TE

7: Javelin Guidry CB

7: Tyrie Cleveland WR


OUR DEFENSE IS STACKED WITH YOUNG TALENT!!!! We go into the future and the end of Arods career with what could be a top 3 defense with all these pieces.

Front seven talent is insane. Big Z, Preston, Kenny, Queen, Blacklock, Gallimore, Gary, and Kirks ( and maybe even Gay he put on a show at the combine) That is crazy.








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