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FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

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Welcome to FFMD 2020


FFMD II '20 - Official Workbook

This year we are making every attempt to retrieve a forum event that in its prime was one of the most anticipated offseason events within the forum.  For some of us, like myself, my love for these GM mock drafts is what landed me in this forum several years ago. It’s been four years since @The LBC successfully managed this event and its presence in the forum is long overdue.  To my understanding FFMD was originally created and controlled by dedicated forum members that wanted to provide us with an enjoyable football related group activity designed and scheduled around the dry times of the offseason.

FFMD is a forum-wide GM mock draft designed to give the members of the site a fun way to pass the time during the dry spells of the offseason taking place April 1st and takes us to just a few days of the irl NFL draft.  There were two versions of this mock, however we will only be operating version 2. FFMD II, consists of a full 7 round mock draft with the ability to trade picks and/or players without the stress of a salary cap or the confusion of a free agency.  Current free agents, not signed by another team by Apr. 1st are relocated back to the original team.

All forum members interested in participating in this event are encouraged to do so.  On March 25th or earlier, the GM sign up thread will be posted in the GM Mock Draft sub forum.  The thread will remain open for about a week, or longer if required to find 32 individuals.  

To ensure our best odds for a successful relaunch this first year, GM membership priority will be given to members that have participated heavily in past or present FFMD / TCMD / BDL and Nacho members or to individuals that we believe will contribute more to getting it off the ground.  On or after March 31st, FFMD management will select and announce the general managers for each of the 32 teams along with the creative writers.     

To encourage membership at the GM level our plan is to reduce the typical workload previously required of the general manager.  We will be doing the following which in theory will provide you with more time to communicate with your group and not having to worry about keeping track or collecting information.  We hope that these changes will encourage you to join the FFMD experience.

  • The “League Office” will post the initial discussion thread aka team war room within each team sub forum.  This provides everyone regardless of their level of interest looking at it with all the information they’ll need to participate in a structured format.  We’ll ask that each moderator assigned to their team forum pin this war room thread so that it remains at the top of the thread.

    • This war room post will be titled FFMD II ‘20 - [Team Name] Front Office.

      • It will contain links to the primary discussion thread housed in the GM Mock Draft sub forum.

      • Guidelines

      • Important dates (schedule)

      • League workbook (described below) 

  • A single google doc workbook is used to keep track of everything FFMD, which will house the following information.  

    • Draft board / Draft Order

      • Used to list and track available and selected draftees.

        • This has been used in both tcmd, bdl and other GM mocks for several years with great success.

    • Team Roster sheets for all 32 teams designed to display and track every transaction.  Both tcmd and bdl have used something very similar in the past and this will be a much more simplified version of those workbooks.

      • Roster data is collected by us.

      • Important information is displayed and updated automatically.

  • In the past, only the GM and a coGM were the only ones permitted to seek trades from other members.  Now any member of your group is allowed to seek out trade inquiries that can be delivered to your war room for debate and vote on.  

As the GM your responsibilities are a bit more involved than other members within your front office therefore your final vote in which players are selected during the draft and finalizing trades does carry a little more weight, after all you are the General Manager.  So for example, if you have a couple different options for an upcoming pick and the war room is split on which player to take as the GM it’s your responsibility to make the final decision. 

General Managers or an elected member within your front office are required to post each transaction you make within the League Office thread.  We will update the workbook based on the data posted.

General Manager Best Practices

  • Be a leader not a dictator.

  • Listen to the feedback & suggestions from all participating members of your front office.

  • Keep your war room thread informed

    • Create discussions early on items such as “team needs” so that everyone within your group is on the same page.

    • Stay on top of the action by starting the discussion early enough that your front office has the necessary time to discuss various options.

    • Give your front office more control to scout for potential trades.  

Schedule of Events - Eastern Time Zone

  • General Manager (GM) & Creative Writer (CW) Sign Up Open - Wed, March 25th @ 10:00 AM

  • GM & CW Sign Up Close - Tues, March 31st @ 12:00 PM (noon)

  • GM Announcement - Tues, March 31st @ 8:00 PM

  • NFL Team Rosters Locked & Cap Finalized - Thur, April 1st

  • NFL Draft Begins - Fri, April 3rd @ 9:00 AM

Sign Up Process

The sign up process begins on Wed, March 25th and providing we have an adequate number of members signed up, will end on March 31st.  If you are interested in being part of the FFMD, we encourage you to join.  A sign up thread will be available as early as Tuesday, March 24th.  We're also in the hunt for creative writers and scouting gurus to add to the entertainment.


The general rules are basic; If a forum member wants to participate do not exclude them.  You and your front office must work as a collective. As the GM of your team you’ll collaborate within your team’s war room as to which players to draft, whom to cut or trade away.  The concept of this mock is to provide an enjoyable way for the entire forum to work together discussing draft prospects and /or current players. This isn’t a game so there are no winners or losers but just a fun way to pass the time.  

We ask that you conduct all of your team discussion within the forum.  If you feel that you need to get private to conceal potential targets, what we don’t know won’t hurt us, but understand that this is by design intended to boost discussion within the forum and not an outside source.

League Office

The League Office will monitor and update all posted transactions within the official workbook.  

Posting Transactions in the League Office thread

When posting transactions include the Team Name, 4 digit ID - Full Name - Position also label the transaction type with a description, ie Trade / Release.  This process doesn’t take any longer for you to do and with the information and a clean post, it helps us out tremendously when updating the workbooks.

All transactions must be reported by making a post within the LEAGUE OFFICE THREAD  ---- NO EXCEPTIONS! --- This is what we use to keep the workbook updated.

Roster Limits

  • Min 53 man roster
  • Max 90 man roster

Releasing Players

  • Post the released players' 4 digit ID - Full Name - Position within the league office thread.  Be sure to include your team name.

    • Ie; NYG release the following players

      • 0666 - Garrett Dickerson - TE

      • 2468 - Isaiah Searight - TE

  • FA Waiver Wire

    • Released players will get added to the FA Waiver Wire which the award process is determined by team draft order to start and each time you submit a claim your order jumps 16 places.  

  • Trade Negotiations & Approval

    • The General Manager or coGM must discuss the trade within their "war room", allowing other members of your front office the opportunity to agree/disagree before moving forward.  

      • Once agreed upon, the GM or coGM will post the trade agreement in the League Office (explained below)

      • All parties must agree to the terms of the trade agreement by posting the trade details and the other party’s acceptance.

        • A “handshake” isn’t good enough to lock in the trade, it must be posted and accepted to become official.

        • Do not edit the post, if you have made an error, repost the trade agreement with the correct information.

      • All posted and accepted trades housed in the FFMD League Office thread will be considered approved unless otherwise stated by the board.   


Although unlikely, we reserve the right to decline any trade that we feel would damage the integrity of FFMD.  If we consider the trade agreement so far one sided to the point we believe you are gaming the system, or that you are working on one team and a fan of another and we feel that you’re playing favorites we may ask that you rework the deal or simply decline the trade completely.

Posting Trades 

Post the trade agreement in the League Office thread; including the following information 

  • Trading Away

    • YOUR club name

    • 4 digit ID - full name - position

    • Include the overall draft pick number if picks are included in the trade. (DO NOT JUST PROVIDE US WITH THE ROUND)

  • Trading For

    • Their club name

    • 4 digit ID - full name - position

    • The overall pick number, again, (DO NOT JUST PROVIDE US WITH THE ROUND)

  • Be sure to TAG the member you are trading with.

  • Once the initial trade is posted, the tagged member will quote the post and accept the trade by typing something that acknowledges that the trade is accepted.

IMPORTANT:  Once both parties have “officially” agreed to the trade, you cannot alter the agreed terms or back out.  

  • Should you need to edit the post, do so by quoting the original post.  

Updating the workbooks

Each day I will update the official workbook.  I will make a post within the league office thread, with the word “MARKED”.  Once I’ve updated the workbooks to that marked post, I will change it from MARKED to “UPDATED”

NFL Draft

A draft board will be housed in the official workbook.  The Draft Board will be updated manually as the draftees are selected or traded away.  

Note:  Teams are encouraged but by no means enforced to negotiate trades prior to being on the clock as waiting until you are on the clock simply slows the draft down when teams are waiting on a possible trade that likely isn’t going to happen.  It also makes it difficult to trade successfully when including the front office personnel from both teams if you wait until the last minute to open discussion.

Within the draft board, a complete list of declared draftees is available, should you not see a player within the list that you believe should be listed, you’ll need to notify the Draft Board Managers as soon as possible.  They will determine if the player is eligible to be drafted, if so he’ll be added to the list. Please don’t wait until the time you make your selection to notify us as this could delay the draft and if the player isn't eligible could cost you a draft pick or at the very least picking late as we validate this information.  It would also be beneficial to include the prospects eligibility weblink.

  • The first pick of the day starts at 10am EST. The last pick of the day ends at 10pm EST.

  • Every pick regardless of the round will be allotted a 40 minute window to make your selection.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Remember, the clock stops for no one, regardless of round or the person holding the pick. 

Should you miss your time slot, you may make your selection at anytime, but if you wait longer than 24 hours, the Draft Board Management will make the selection for you but also be aware that if you continue to miss your time slots, your GM status will be removed and you will be replaced with a willing participant.  This applies to the later rounds as well. If the Draft Board Management makes your selection for you, we will not change the selection made should you return, no exceptions. If you don’t believe you’ll be available to make the selection appoint someone within your war room, ask your team forum moderator or send a member of the mock a big board containing enough draftees that you guaranteed a player of your choosing.

  • Compensatory Draft Picks

    • If you didn’t know already, these can be traded.

  • Future draft picks

    • Clubs can trade only the following year’s draft picks.  In this case 2021, just remember that these have zero value in these mocks.  

The undrafted free agency is designed like the irl Waiver Wire, where you are awarded player claims based on your order however with this set up, the order changes, increasing 16 spots each time you put a claim in.


@EaglesPeteC - Commish

@ny92mike - League Office Lead

@Counselor - FFMD Board

@Packerraymond - FFMD Board

@MikeT14 - FFMD Board

@mountainpd - FFMD Board



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6 minutes ago, bigben07MVP said:

@ny92mike can you elaborate on the responsibilities of the creative writer?

In the past, ffmd would find members looking to entertain us with their creative writing some would make humorous comments while other would fall on the serious side of things.  They were intended primarily to keep the discussion going in the GM mock draft forum.

Depending on the involvement some just posted stuff related to their team only, while others would give draft analysis and give their two cents on trades.  Most of these creative writers would just post in the discussion thread while some would team up and create their own thread.

It's as much or little as you wish to put into it. 

Hope this helps...if you have additional questions hit me up.  

Here are some examples from previous ffmd's.







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