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FFMD II '20 - General Manager & Writer Sign Up

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Welcome to FFMD 2020


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Sign Up Process



The sign up process officially begins on Wed, March 25th but if you're feeling froggy feel free to sign up now.  Providing we have an adequate number of members signed up, we'll end the GM hunt on March 31st.  If you are interested in contributing to the successful relaunch of FFMD, we encourage you to join by submitting your request for either General Manager, Creative Writer and Draft Analyst by posting the following information using this format: 

I, [username here], am requesting the position of [GM/Writer/Analyst] of the [insert team here]  

Example:  I, ny92mike, am requesting the position of GM of the New York Giants

Also, we are looking for members to help us manage this project, if interested message @ny92mike

"While this, I assure you, will likely not be the case for future FFMD mock drafts, be prepared for potentially a fair number of those who have previously served as either TCMD/ BDL or previous FFMD GM's to be given priority.  This is something I'm not certain will happen, but I do anticipate it and I want to be 100% transparent.  As we attempt to relaunch FFMD and want to ensure that every member we select to manage the 32 franchises will aid us in accomplishing this goal.  Getting started off on the right foot and rebuilding healthy habits of discussion in the sub forum team war room threads is paramount."

Schedule of Events - Eastern Time Zone

  • General Manager (GM) & Creative Writer (CW) Sign Up Open - Wed, March 25th @ 10:00 AM

  • GM & CW Sign Up Close - Tues, March 31st @ 12:00 PM (noon)

  • GM Announcement - Tues, March 31st @ 8:00 PM

  • NFL Team Rosters Locked & Cap Finalized - Thur, April 1st

  • NFL Draft Begins - Fri, April 3rd @ 9:00 AM

@EaglesPeteC - Commish

@ny92mike - League Office Lead

@Counselor - FFMD Board

@Packerraymond - FFMD Board

@MikeT14 - FFMD Board

@mountainpd - FFMD Board

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I, Jch1911,  am requesting the position of GM of the Houston Texans (provided that the FFMD2 board overturns the Hopkins trade to AZ)... jk (but really hoping for do-over)

@ET80 need to get in on this :P:D

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25 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

I, EaglesPeteC, being of sound mind and body and EXTREME HANDSOMENESS, am requesting the position of the GM of YOUR Philadelphia Eagles in this the year of our Lord 2020

Confirmed for Corona.

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48 minutes ago, mountainpd said:

I mountainpd put my name down for Dolphins but will switch if a couple of other fans step forward.

i have a homie that's a fin fan that wanted to do this if you were willing to give it up bro

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