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Too Many Lockdown Mocks Part Three - Love/Herbert Tumble

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13 minutes ago, EagleBlueDon said:

Not sure if I missed something, but the Eagles own pick 103.

This went bye bye in the trade up for Lamb I believe. I don’t remember anymore now.

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2 hours ago, Dolphanfan4life117 said:

Love the picks you made for the Dolphins however don’t see them giving up a second rounder for Carr if they draft Love in the first. I prefer Fitzpatrick be the bridge QB, he knows the system the team loves him and the guy is smart. Nice draft overall but pass on the Carr trade.

I have no problem with the trade for Carr but wouldn’t do it after investing pick on Love.

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So 2 things  1 is anyone from range 7 to 12 interested in a trade up because i want all of those guys who fail there lol.   Simmons, Okudah, Brown, or Kinlaw  yes please to any of them and im willing to give up some picks to move there.  Those are areas of the draft i feel we can reach for a elite prospect difference maker.    Simmons being my main target with Okudah as the backup target.

2. Swap Gross to Murray at 16 and this draft would be really good as it sits.   With us picking up Fowler edge rusher in general lowers a bit on the needs section and even more so if we did go Edge rusher  Gross has a VERY LOW chance of being drafted by the Falcons with his bullying bs and off field stuff.   Plus Murray is a better player and a more needed position. 

Still though how you feel about us going to get Simmons or Okudah i know you can make it happens :D

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