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The Duke's 3 Rd Mock Draft - 3/24 - 1 Trade

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For the Dolphins:

5. Herbert

  Don't mind this pick if we miss out on Tua

18. Chaisson    

  We have a bigger need in Safety since we let Jones go.  And since the best safety McKinney is still on the board I think we take him here

26. Jackson

  OT is definitely a point of need and Jackson or Josh Jones would be a good pick.

39. Dobbins

  We need a RB of the future and Dobbin or Swift would be the pick.  Question:  Why did you have Swift fall so far?

56. Ashtyn Davis    

  Since we took McKinney in the first round I think we go OL here with Cushenberry

70. Madubuike        

  Not a bad pick, but I think Raekwon Davis would be a better fit, but I could go with either.

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Titans draft needs some work. Cleveland makes sense, but I think it’s a little early for him specifically.

Swift, I don’t think makes sense unless you think the Titans are set on just tagging Henry.

An ILB makes no sense. They have big needs at DT and CB, and a lesser need at Edge. They’re pretty stacked at ILB.

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Posted (edited)

Absolutely hate it for the Falcons as we literally don't target any of our needs really outside of CB and i can't stand taking a CB in round 1 because it's working against the strength of the mock.  CB is fricken loaded in this draft and you can get guys like diggs, Arnette, Johnson, Hall etc... in rounds 2 and i swear their just as good and imo Diggs and Johnson are better than Fulton and Henderson.    We literally don't even take our biggest need at OLB and our 2nd biggest need in DT. 

I don't understand the TE pick what so ever and im pretty sure every Falcon fan would be furious at it after just trading our 2nd round pick for Hayden Hurst a week or 2 ago.  Taking 2 TE's back to back would be insane when we got fricken 11 1st round starters on our offense at this point lol.  The 1st 3 picks need to be defensive players at OLB, DT, and CB/Safety.    As it sits this draft gets an F for the Falcons it's not good at all.


Based on who was available there the Falcons draft should have went as such

1st - Kinlaw - DT - Any GM who passes on a top 10 pick in Kinlaw at a major need of DT for a dude like Fulton who is at best a clone of 2nd and 3rd round guys.  Should be stripped of their position on the spot lol.   If Kinlaw was already taken then Chassion would have been he pick at SLB.

2nd - Jaylen Johncon CB - Personally think he is as good if not better than Fulton and is a solid pick here.  I almost went with Uche or Harrison at OLB and still might as OLb is our biggest need in the draft.

3rd - Taylor or Dye at LB - if i got with Uche or Harrison earlier then im going Green or Amik here at CB.

Edited by FalconFan13

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Not a big fan of Henderson, but with this board and no trade down. Could happen.

Why Kmet? Good player but Denver has Fant, Vannett, Heuerman, Butt, Fumagalli, Beck and Fort on the roster right now. Too many TEs

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