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College Football 25


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Before Madden came out I played this game everyday. Built dynasties with New Mexico State and Florida Atlantic. Eventually moved NMSU to the Pac-12 and went on to win the National Championship in year 7 or 8. Only in year 3 of FAU so I haven't moved them into a different conference, but once I start to win more will probably move them to the AAC. 

This game is always fun and I would do some dirty things for a new one.

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1 hour ago, MikeT14 said:

I miss this game so much.

I wish they'd bring it back even with made up schools.

I wish they could just contract the schools, and their coaches; then just randomly generate the roster type, based off of the coach's philosophy, and quality, based on the  school's prestige.  They probably should've started doing that, when they gave us the ability to share rosters online.  I hope we get to see NCAA Football make a come back, sooner rather than later.  

I wonder what the growth of the dynasty modes would be like, if it were still being produced today?  Does it kind of get pushed to the wayside, like CFM, or do they keep it as their bread and butter?  NCAA also had an Ultimate Team type mode (can't remember the name), so it may have just followed the same path EA has taken with Madden, anyway.

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21 minutes ago, Tyty said:

Best part about this over madden imo is how it doesn't get stale because you'll only get to use a player for at most 4 years. It's a constantly changing cycle

I agree that what made it soooo much better. It's not like a great player had a 12-15 year career with your team. If you get a stud it's 3-4 years at most. 

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