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17-18 NHL Predictions


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Season is about 2 weeks away.  Feel free to post your own or comment on mine.  I can see some shakeup in the NHL this year, though I am not always right by any means.



1. Pittsburgh

2. Columbus

3. Washington

4. Carolina (WC2)

5. New York (Islanders)

6. New York (Rangers)

7. Philadelphia

8. New Jersey



1. Tampa Bay

2. Boston

3. Toronto

4. Ottawa (WC1)

5. Montreal

6. Buffalo

7. Florida

8. Detroit



1. Minnesota

2. Dallas

3. Nashville

4. St. Louis (WC1)

5. Chicago

6. Winnipeg

7. Colorado



1. Edmonton

2. Anaheim

3. Calgary

4. San Jose (WC2)

5. Los Angeles

6. Arizona

7. Vancouver

8. Las Vegas


1st round


Pittsburgh over Carolina

Columbus over Washington

Tampa over Ottawa

Boston over Toronto

Minnesota over St. Louis

Dallas over Nashville

Edmonton over San Jose

Anaheim over Calgary


2nd round


Pittsburgh over Columbus

Boston over Tampa

Minnesota over Dallas

Edmonton over Anaheim


Conference Finals

Pittsburgh over Boston

Edmonton over Minnesota


Stanley Cup Champions- Edmonton Oilers

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I hate that we're in the Metro. Such a friggin' loaded division. We're trending up, certainly, but it's gonna still be a few years til we make the playoffs again. Really could lose Taylor Hall in free agency because of it unless we show significant improvement.

Who knows, maybe we'll win the lottery again and land Rasmus Dahlin. xD

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Atlantic: Tampa Bay, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Buffalo, Florida, Detroit

Metro: Pittsburgh, NY Rangers, Washington, Philadelphia, Columbus, Carolina, NY Islanders, New Jersey

Central: Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, St.Louis, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Colorado

Pacific: Calgary, Edmonton, Anaheim, Arizona, San Jose, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Vegas

Wild cards: Toronto and Philadelphia in the East, Arizona and San Jose in the West


Tampa over Toronto Ottawa over Montreal Pittsburgh over Philadelphia NY Rangers over Washington Dallas over San Jose Nashville over Chicago Calgary over Arizona, Edmonton over Anaheim

Tampa over Ottawa NY Rangers over Pittsburgh Dallas over Nashville Edmonton over Calgary 

Tampa over NY Rangers

Dallas over Edmonton

Tampa over Dallas

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