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My adjusted off-season

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OK, we were 7-9 but not a very good 7-9.  We have a lot of gaps in talent.  What I propose below is a re-boot of young talent that will set us up with $97 million in cap space next year and get us a lot of young talent.  Even if only half of the draft picks work out, thats 5+ contributors.  This also gets talent around Darnold as I think this is his make or break year.  If we think about what Mahomes, Dak , Wilson, Wentz, Watson and others have done by their 3rd year, we will know if he is the QB of the future of time to start over at QB.



A. Williamson - youth and cap savings

Winters - youth and cap savings


J ADAMS - to Dallas for 1st round and 3rd round pick - He is my favorite Jet since Revis, but Im not sure safety wins games, he is a great talent, but the picks we get and avoiding a $16-20 mil per year contract makes this a no brainer in my mind.  I will miss him!

CJ Mosley - to Carolina for 3rd round pick - Greg Williams had us a top 5 defense without Mosley from most of the year, I think the huge cap savings and a 3rd round pick makes it worth while to let him go.

L Bell - to TB - 4th round pick - TB needs a great RB for Brady, we can time share like Gase really wants to run and save a ton of cap space.


J. CLOWNEY - $20 MIL/5 YR - He has been holding out for a good contract, I don't think Seattle will go that high, in Greg Williams def. he will probably get 15 sacks/40-50 hurries


1-11 - OT) M Becton - This moves Fant to RT, Edoga to Guard or swing OT, Becton is a mountain that will just make the entire o-line better

1-17 - WR) J Jefferson - he had a great year last year, he's tall and can go get balls out of the air.  

2nd - WR) T Higgins - With R. Anderson leaving, we need 2 outside receivers, two top 5 WR prospects will instantly upgrade out WR corps from below average to above average

3rd - S - K Dugger - best S left at that point in the draft, not J Adams, but all info points to him being a solid pro

3rd - CB - B Hall - depth at CB

3rd - OG - B Bredeson - should start with Winters getting cut

3rd - LB - Troy Dye - under rated LB, depth that will develop into a starter quickly

4th - RB - Eno Benjamin - BPA

4th - DT - Leki Fotu - BPA for d-line depth

5th - Edge - C Coughlin - depth, had a great college career

6th - P - M Turk - I never want to pay a punter more than 6th or 7th round rookie contract money.  I think every 4 years, we should draft a new punter



Yes, I ran this thru a draft simulator and the picks you see were avalible as per the simulator.

ok bash away!

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Posted (edited)

No thanks to Clowney, I just don't think hes that good. No superstar pass rusher only gets 3 sacks in a season.  I'm not paying him $20 mil per. 

ANd no thanks to trading an actual superstar talent on defense away. Pay Jamal Adams, hes a game changer at safety. 

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Didnt read after saw jamal traded

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idk. I don’t like the idea of trading a guy who unquestionably gives it his all and then signing a guy who undoubtedly doesn’t give it his all. Just not something the Jets should be doing. 

In terms of the draft, I like the first two players you selected. I don’t think Hall is a good fit for our team. He’s more a zone corner and it looks like we want man cover guys.

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