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FFMD ll 20’- Seattle Seahawks Front Office

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7 minutes ago, SaveOurSonics said:

Jamarco has been touted as a starting option at either guard or right tackle, so I personally wouldn't entertain this offer. 

Trading up in the 1st round would be very un-Seattle. 

Any counter proposal?

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1 hour ago, SaveOurSonics said:

I'm not GM or anything, just adding my $0.02. I'll let Mike & animal make the call on that! 

Need help anyway. If you’re interested let me know. We did just draft Austin Jackson

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1 hour ago, MikeT14 said:

Need help anyway. If you’re interested let me know. We did just draft Austin Jackson


I'd be reluctant to dealing Jamarco. Likely wouldn't pull the trigger on anything less than a 4th. Cheap contract + positional versatility. 

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Round 1 Pick 27: Austin Jackson, OT, USC

Note: Round 2 Pick 59 was traded for Round 3 Pick 67 and Round 4 Pick 135.

Round 2 Pick 64: Michael Pittman, Jr., WR, USC (kinda lucky we got him, the Packers GM wanted him, but wasn't on to make the pick). 

Round 3 Pick 67: Josh Uche, LB, Michigan

Round 3 Pick 101: Alton Robinson, EDGE, Syracuse

Note: Traded Pick 214 for Pick 250 and Shamar Stephen

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On 3/31/2020 at 1:46 PM, MikeT14 said:
LWR 14 Metcalf, DK 19/2 83 Pittman Jr., Michael/USC 1 Moore, David 17/7 81
  Ursua, John 19/7
  Thompson, Cody CF19
RWR 16 Lockett, Tyler 15/3 00 Dorsett, Phillip U/NE 17 Turner, Malik CF18 10 Hart, Penny CF19    
LT 76 BROWN, DUANE T/Hou 73 Jones, Jamarco 18/5            
LG 77 Haynes, Phil 19/4 60 Pocic, Ethan 17/2 66 Simmons, Jordan W/Oak 00 Warmack, Chance SF20    
C 00 Finney, BJ U/Pit 64 Roos, Jordan CF17 68 Britt, Justin 14/2        
RG 78 Fluker, DJ U/NYG 61 Fuller, Kyle SF19 63 Knox, Demetrius CF19        
RT 00 Jackson, Austin/USC 00
  Shell, Brandon U/NYJ
75 Ogbuehi, Cedric U/Jax   Wheeler, Chad SF19    
TE 00 OLSEN, GREG SF20 88 Dissly, Will 18/4 48 Hollister, Jacob T/NE 46 Willson, Luke 86 Johnson, Justin CF19
QB 3 WILSON, RUSSELL 12/3                
RB 32 Carson, Chris 17/7 20 Penny, Rashaad 18/1 25 Homer, Travis 19/6 41 Choice, Adam CF19    
FB 44 BELLORE, NICK U/Det                
LDE 95 Green, Rasheem  
  Collier, LJ 19/1
LDT 91 Reed, Jarran 16/2 67 Christmas, Demarcus 19/6 79 Mone, Bryan CF19        
RDT 97 Ford, Poona CF18 92 Jones, Nazair 17/3 58 Soto, Shakir SF19        
LEO 00 Mayowa, Benson 98 Griffin, Shaquem 18/5   Robinson, Alton, Syracuse        
SLB 49
  Uche, Josh, Michigan            
MLB 54 Wagner, Bobby 12/2 57 Taumoepenu, Pita SF19 59          
ROLB 50 WRIGHT, KJ 11/4 55 Burr-Kirven, Ben 19/5 52 Barton, Cody 19/3 47 Smith, Sutton SF19   Ellerbee, Emmanuel W/LAC
LCB 26 Griffin, Shaquill 17/3 39 Reed, Kalan SF18            
SS 30 McDougald, Brad U/TB 42 Hill, Delano 17/3 37 Diggs, Quandre T/Det        
FS 37 Diggs, Quandre T/Det 27 Blair, Marquise 19/2 35 Neal, Ryan SF19        
RCB 21 Flowers, Tre 18/5 00 Dunbar, Quinton T/Was 1 Boykins, Jeremy SF18 37 Allen, Brian SF19    
NB 28 Amadi, Ugochukwu 19/4                
PT 4 Dickson, Michael 18/5                
PK 5 Myers, Jason U/NYJ                
LS 69 Ott, Tyler SF16                
H 4 Dickson, Michael 18/5                
KO 5 Myers, Jason U/NYJ                
PR 16 Lockett, Tyler 15/3 28 Amadi, Ugochukwu 19/4 15 Ursua, John 19/7        
KR 16 Lockett, Tyler 15/3 28 Amadi, Ugochukwu 19/4


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Huh, missing some players.

Benson Mayowa (Starting LEO)

Luke Willson (resigned - Replaces Swoopes I believe)


Small Adjustments:

Seattle says Irvin is going to be playing that SLB position he played here before. Him and Uche should be there. Barton kicks over to ROLB. [He might be Wagners heir apparent all things considered]

Rasheem Green is absolutely the starting LDE at this point. Was arguably the teams 3rd best DLINEMAN by the end of the year.

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