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FFMD II '20 - New Orleans Saints Front Office


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I would've loved to get Cam Akers at this point but he's gone.  Most of the Saints needs are already addressed in FA or with the Murray pick.  I could see going QB and getting Fromm or Eason here as a reasonable pick.  Eason has the higher upside and with coaching/tutelage from Brees & Payton could be the QBOTF, but he also has a lot more work in developing and might not be ready as a back-up which could limit the ability to use Hill in other aspects of the offense.  Fromm on the other hand has the skills to come in immediately and be the perfect back-up to Brees without really missing a beat but I'd be concerned about his ability to be a long term starter as his arm strength is a question mark, though we do know it can improve with proper training.  Either would be a viable pick IMO.

Getting a WR here seems like a stretch as there has been a pretty big run on them, same with CBs but with players resigning and restructuring their deals the Saints are good at CB.  I think in the next round on looking at either Victor or Hill from Ohio State at WR wouldn't be bad options.

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I live in Columbus and can tell you Hill is much better than Victor.


I thought Payton was set on Taysom as Drew's successor? I don't think the Saints need to draft a QB this year. If this is it for Brees, then you promote Hill and sign a higher end backup QB. A Case Keenum type this year or maybe Winston or Newton are back on the market in 2021.


I'd think it should be BPA with the last 4 picks. Get some affordable depth and be prepared for the cap purge once Brees is done. 

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15 hours ago, sparky151 said:

Pick 88 will be on the clock Tuesday afternoon at 5:20.


Any suggested players or positions to focus on? Now is the time to lobby for your guy. 

For pick 88 I'm pretty high on Devin Duvernay- WR Texas. Here's a blurb I wrote about him in my mock draft:

"Round 3 (88th Overall):

Devin Duvernay WR Texas


With the signing of Emmanuel Sanders, we filled a glaring need at the WR #2 position. With that said, we still could use some more talent at WR as Emmanuel Sanders is likely a stopgap at that spot given his current age. This draft may be one of the deepest WR drafts ever, which certainly could play to our advantage grabbing a guy late in the 3rd round that likely could go in the 2nd round in other drafts. Devin Duvernay appears to be a very polarizing prospect by most draft sites as he does have a lot to like about him as a prospect, but there are also some concerns in his game that are valid. Lets start with the positives, he is one of the fastest guys in the draft (4.3 40 time, has run 10.27 100m dash- for perspective Devery Henderson and Reggie Bush ran 10.4 100m), he has some of the best hands in the draft, he plays a very physical style of football almost like a RB with the ball in his hands, is among the best YAC WR's in the draft, and is coming off a very productive senior season with 100+ catches, and 1,300+ receiving yards. As previously referenced, he has excellent hands and does a good job catching the ball even with tight coverage on him, he had a dropped pass rate of 2% last season, and I believe accounted for a total of 3 dropped passes in his entire college career. As mentioned there are some concerns with him as a prospect. His route running at this point isn't great, and needs improvement, he played primarily from the slot at Texas and hasn't shown if he can consistently win playing outside. I think the beauty of this pick would be that he would start out as our #3 WR, and would have time to improve those areas of his game with Thomas and Sanders ahead of him on the depth chart. He undoubtedly has the speed to beat teams deep and take the top off a defense if asked to, which likely wouldn't be all that often this year with Brees at the helm given his current lack of ability to hit the deep ball, but with plays where Hill or a future starting QB are behind center, it certainly would be nice to have, but Duvernay's game doesn't revolve around just running 9 routes. He does a lot of damage on shorter routes where he can get the ball and run, in this regard some have compared him to a guy like Deebo Samuel. This is something Sean Payton excels at as a coach, and he could work around Duvernay's limitations to put him in situations where he can truly utilize his explosiveness.

Here's likely the top Safety in the Draft trying to tackle Duvernay this past season:


Scouting Report


Some other tidbits:


I think he could be a steal for us as I think Sean Payton would be an ideal coach for his skillset.

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32 minutes ago, sparky151 said:

It's a deep draft at WR. I think Duvernay might be available in the 4th.


Pick 87 is on the clock now so we'll be up soon.

Yeah it's definitely possible he will fall a bit on this mock draft. I think when it comes to draft day he doesn't make it past the 3rd round despite how deep the WR class is. GM's seem to love guys like Duvernay in the 2nd/3rd round who have the rare speed, and great hands to go along with quite a bit of production on the field.

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@tyler735 @sparky151

Greetings from the Cleveland Browns Forum. We miss Demario Davis.

We are seeking a trade-up from 91 to 88.

We too have evaluated that Duvernay and other quality WRs are a plenty still and will likely be available at 91 and beyond.

However, we're looking to select a different positional group.

Some things we have to offer are the following, but am definitely open to hearing your ideas for a fair trade.

Te'von Coney LB, a pick Swap in the 5th, a 7th round pick.

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3 minutes ago, sparky151 said:

Thanks for the offer but we'll go ahead and pick. 

And in a flash trade discussions "never actually got off the ground between the Browns and Saints" according to "sources."

Good times.

May Duvernay bring thee many a virtual simulated reality pro-bowls.

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5 hours ago, sparky151 said:

Saints are OTC at 8 pm tonight with pick 130 in the 4th round. But draft has sped up so we'll likely be up sooner than that.


Duvernay just got taken at 120. 

Not surprised he has been going as high as the 2nd round in some recent mocks including by Mcshay

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The team at 129 hasn't picked yet but we're on the clock. 


I'm leaning toward WR KJ Hill from OSU.  He's a lot like Terry McLaurin who had a good rookie year with Washington. Hill isn't as fast but has better hands and runs better routes. He holds OSU career record for catches. 

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