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FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

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Welcome to FFMD 2020

Attention Moderators:  We are requesting that you priority pin this thread.


FFMD II '20 - Official Workbook

FFMD II '20 - League Discussion Thread / Guidelines

Sign Up Thread is Located in the GM Mock Draft forum.




The sign up process officially begins on Wed, March 25th but if you're feeling froggy feel free to sign up now.  Providing we have an adequate number of members signed up, we'll end the GM hunt on March 31st.  If you are interested in contributing to the successful relaunch of FFMD, we encourage you to join by submitting your request for either General Manager, Creative Writer and Draft Analyst by heading to the signup thread in the GM Mock Draft forum.

Schedule of Events - Eastern Time Zone

  • General Manager (GM) & Creative Writer (CW) Sign Up Open - Wed, March 25th @ 10:00 AM

  • GM & CW Sign Up Close - Tues, March 31st @ 12:00 PM (noon)

  • GM Announcement - Tues, March 31st @ 8:00 PM

  • NFL Team Rosters Locked & Cap Finalized - Thur, April 1st

  • NFL Draft Begins - Fri, April 3rd @ 9:00 AM

FFMD is a forum-wide GM mock draft designed to give the members of the site a fun way to pass the time during the dry spells of the offseason taking place April 1st and takes us to just a few days of the irl NFL draft.  There were two versions of this mock, however we will only be operating version 2. FFMD II, consists of a full 7 round mock draft with the ability to trade picks and/or players without the stress of a salary cap or the confusion of a free agency.  Current free agents, not signed by another team by Apr. 1st are relocated back to the original team.

To encourage membership at the GM level our plan is to reduce the typical workload previously required of the general manager.  We will be doing the following which in theory will provide you with more time to communicate with your group and not having to worry about keeping track or collecting information.  We hope that these changes will encourage you to join the FFMD experience.

  • The “League Office” will post the initial discussion thread aka team war room within each team sub forum.  This provides everyone regardless of their level of interest looking at it with all the information they’ll need to participate in a structured format.  We’ll ask that each moderator assigned to their team forum pin this war room thread so that it remains at the top of the thread.

    • This war room post will be titled FFMD II ‘20 - [Team Name] Front Office.

      • It will contain links to the primary discussion thread housed in the GM Mock Draft sub forum.

      • Guidelines

      • Important dates (schedule)

      • League workbook (described below) 

  • A single google doc workbook is used to keep track of everything FFMD, which will house the following information.  

    • Draft board / Draft Order

      • Used to list and track available and selected draftees.

        • This has been used in both tcmd, bdl and other GM mocks for several years with great success.

    • Team Roster sheets for all 32 teams designed to display and track every transaction.  Both tcmd and bdl have used something very similar in the past and this will be a much more simplified version of those workbooks.

      • Roster data is collected by us.

      • Important information is displayed and updated automatically.

  • In the past, only the GM and a coGM were the only ones permitted to seek trades from other members.  Now any member of your group is allowed to seek out trade inquiries that can be delivered to your war room for debate and vote on.  

As the GM your responsibilities are a bit more involved than other members within your front office therefore your final vote in which players are selected during the draft and finalizing trades does carry a little more weight, after all you are the General Manager.  So for example, if you have a couple different options for an upcoming pick and the war room is split on which player to take as the GM it’s your responsibility to make the final decision. 

General Managers or an elected member within your front office are required to post each transaction you make within the League Office thread.  We will update the workbook based on the data posted.

General Manager Best Practices

  • Be a leader not a dictator.

  • Listen to the feedback & suggestions from all participating members of your front office.

  • Keep your war room thread informed

    • Create discussions early on items such as “team needs” so that everyone within your group is on the same page.

    • Stay on top of the action by starting the discussion early enough that your front office has the necessary time to discuss various options.

    • Give your front office more control to scout for potential trades.

@EaglesPeteC - Commish

@ny92mike - League Office Lead

@Counselor - FFMD Board

@Packerraymond - FFMD Board

@MikeT14 - FFMD Board

@mountainpd - FFMD Board


GM - @D82
Assistant GM - @flyingmonkey30
Director of Player Personnel - @DaBoys
HC - 
Scout - 
Scout - 
Scout - 
Scout - @Texas_OutLaw7
Unofficial Cookie Eater - @Matts4313
Red Headed Stepchild - @Runaway Jim

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Posted (edited)

Long story short, a group of us have been working hard to bring FFMD back. We'd love to see your forum get involved and give it a fair shot. @D82 can you pin this post? Thanks. Hit me up if you have questions

Edited by EaglesPeteC

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I'll help out. I'm too computer illiterate to do much of anything else. 


QB: D. Prescott | J. Rosen | C. Rush | C. Thorson 
RB: E. Elliott | T. Pollard | J. Chunn 
FB: J. Olawale 
WR: A. Cooper | M. Gallup | D. Pettis | D. Bryant | D. Smith | N. Brown | C. Wilson | J. Johnson | V. Bryant 
TE: B. Jarwin | D. Schultz | B. Bell | C. Parkinson 
LT: T. Smith | B. Knight 
LG: C. Williams | C. McGovern 
C: J. Looney | A. Redmond 
RG: Z. Martin | C. Wichmann 
RT: L. Collins | M. Hyatt 

LDE: D. Lawrence | A. Smith | J. Jelks 
3T: G. McCoy | T. Crawford | T. Hill 
1T: D. Poe | A. Woods | J. Lynch 
RDE: R. Gregory | A. Epenesa | D. Armstrong 
SLB: S. Lee | L. Gifford 
MLB: J. Smith | J. Thomas 
WLB: L. Vander Esch | J. March 
CB: C. Awuzie | C. Henderson | C. Westry  
FS: H. Clinton-Dix | D. Thompson 
SS: X. Woods | D. Wilson 
CB: J. Lewis | A. Brown | C. Goodwin 

K: G. Zuerlein | K. Forbath 
P: C. Jones | B. Mann
LS: L.P. Ladouceur 

1.17 - C.J. Henderson CB, Florida 
1.31 (via SF) - A.J. Epenesa DE, Iowa 
3.99 - James Lynch DT, Baylor 
5.165 - Colby Parkinson TE, Stanford 
7.232 - Braden Mann P, Texas A&M 

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1 minute ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

I nominate @Nextyearfordaboyz for supreme commander of the Star Forces. 

Excellent choice. 

If he's up for it, I second this nomination.

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Reheat the oven and bring out the chocolate chips. We will finish what he started. His most glorious mission!

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9 hours ago, WizardHawk said:

Excellent choice. 

If he's up for it, I second this nomination.

In times of crisis, one must raise their mettle to meet the occasion. He may not be up for it, but fate has brought us to this moment and empowered @Nextyearfordaboyz to lead us to a prosperous future. 

There may come a time when the courage of man fails, but it won't be under our Supreme Leaders watch.

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I'm not sure what title I'll have but I'm going to shout my opinions in whatever thread develops from this.

I support @Nextyearfordaboyz  as GM. I also think @flyingmonkey30 has done some thorough scouting this offseason so I'll nominate him if nyftb doesn't want it.


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Hey gang,

Love y'all, and thanks for nominating me! I regret to say, however, that I cannot be your man for this year. My life is currently a rollercoaster, and while I occasionally have extended downtime to read and talk Cowboys, there is no way I can commit to being here day-in and day-out to run this thing the right way. I am certain to disappear for long stretches. I am happy to act as the Jerry Jones most people want, a hands-off billionaire who will do anything for the team but doesn't actually make decisions. But you need a Will McClay (the actual GM), and I fully support @flyingmonkey30 

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4 hours ago, flyingmonkey30 said:

I'd be honored to lead the empire - but I want to give everyone else a fair shot to throw their hat in the ring

There’s like 6 people who post regularly, I think you’re safe. 

Show us the dark side.......

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Just now, flyingmonkey30 said:

Ooo, @D82 is much more reliable and has already volunteered. Lemme get a scouting role though

Hey, if someone else wants to man the GM role, I'm more than happy to take a step back. 

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Posted (edited)

@D82 and @flyingmonkey30 …..you two playing the chip and dale routine (the squirrels--not the strippers). One of you nut up and take control.

And I say that knowing theirs no way in hell I could do this. So I'll see myself out now.

Edited by HDsportsfan

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