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FFMD II New York Giants Front Office- Trade Down #7... OTC 2PM

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Word from the draft analysis in the writers room.



New York Giants: 36th Overall: Cesar Ruiz: A

Another 1st round linemen, New York selects the first IOL of the draft here with Ruiz. Dimes can't get taken down as much as he was. New York isn't picking sexy here, they're going Big Body and... well... that's kinda sexy in its own right. 

New York Giants: 38th Overall: Terrell Lewis: A-

One potato.. two potato... Giants and Bucs trading shots here. New York got this selection in the Carolina swap. 
Lewis without injuries is hanging in Chaisson territory for me. This is excellent value and a good position for Terrell to play. New York dials it back and keeps an eye to the pass rush of old here. 



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