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Throwbacks Returning?

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This is more of a news item, but for better back and forth figured I'd make it in Gen.

Bruce Arians seemed to have let it slip that the one-helmet rule would be repealed for next season, 
opening up specifically the ability to have a white helmet for their creamsicle throwbacks.

When this came out, Paul Lukas (of Uniwatch) did some digging and it turns out the league is looking into it but nothing was official yet.

The One-Helmet rule, for those that don't know, was something put into place as a response to concussions being a hot button issue.
It took away a lot of options for teams to do throwbacks, many that tried looked goofy with the mismatched colors.
It was proved later on that the science didn't really back up that it had an affect, and ever since people have wanted it removed.

For many of the most recent offseasons, Jeffrey Lurie (Eagles Owner) has tried to repeal the rule or make it a two helmet rule.
In hopes to bring back a Kelly Green alternate uniform. It weirdly didn't show up this year or last, and I'm wondering if it was just a decision by the league and a formal rule change suggestion was no longer needed.

This could also explain some of the helmets that were seen in the Rams promo vid (which included white Pat the Patriot throwback helmets and a black Lions helmet.)
As teams most likely would be testing the new/updated looks now. As with all uniforms the NFL requires testing for how the uniforms will look in all lighting conditions as well as other tests.

So next year we could see Kelly Green Eagles, Creamsicle Bucs...and other throwbacks make their return.
As well as teams doing a modern alternate look too. 

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