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Mocking Around during the Pandemic

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1 hour ago, JetsandI said:

Apologies.  I am fine with that.    I don't have any fact or legal term against trading future picks. Still, it is unusual enough to question the legality.

No worries. That’s minor compared to my epic brain fart about the 2018 season. Haha. I thinks the Jags are going to hold out until someone coughs up a 1st. If we go strictly off the draft value chart and assume the Jets have pick 16 and Jags have pick 40, it equates to roughly a high 2nd but with risk to our side since our 1st can be a high pick if we bomb next year. 

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47 minutes ago, KodiakThunder said:

I'm not a fan of the first few picks. IMO. 

I dont mind the underlying concepts but I dont want Jackson, Shenault or Hamler at those spots. 


Thanks for the feedback. When I ran the mock draft, these were the players that were on the board that I liked and thought would be good for our team. But I get not everyone is going to like the same prospects. There were a few good receivers still on the board when we picked in the 2nd.

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