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Image result for jadeveon clowneyJADEVEON CLOWNEY - 1YR

His market is drying up and we aren't hearing many teams are in competition. I think we're in the running and if we do release Williamson, I believe it's to make space for Clowney. At this point in his career, he needs a breakout year to get the big contract he's aiming for.  We've signed like 30 ILBs but never made a move for someone to play opposite of JJ. I think we're waiting on him. The draft looks pretty weak for EDGE players as well. 








Image result for xavier rhodes vikingsXAVIER RHODES - 1YR 

He was TERRIBLE last season, but I think he's worth a 1yr shot. I like the idea of Bless getting the spot, but XR can be insurance/competition in this situation. This will be a camp signing. We'll see if last season was just a bad year or not.  












Image result for ceedee lamb1(11) CEEDEE LAMB - WR/6'2 198LBS 

I wanted to change things up a bit. I love the idea of going LT in the first, but I'm open to going WR. I think Juedy will go in the top-10 because of his route running ability and how many QBs need targets. We can't go into next season with Gase on the hot seat, online trying to develop chemistry post virus, and WRs that can't make plays for Darnold. Darnold gets his #1 WR. 








JETS 2ND + 4TH -> <- BEARS 2ND

The Bears need more picks and maybe in the market for an RT. With this trade back, they'll gain picks and still have options like Niang or Wilson. Most of the 2nd round trade-ups have used a 2nd +4th unless it's a large jump. Our additional 3rd allows us to make this move without hurting us. 


Image result for ezra cleveland boise state2(43) EZRA CLEVELAND - LT/6'6 311LBS

At this point most of the potential early starting LT's are gone. One will likely slip out and I think that's when we jump on him. I selected EC because he seems to be the odd man out in most mocks. Ran a 4.9 and fits the zone blocking scheme I believe we're looking for. Some question his strength, but he did out bench most of the OT's we like. it doesn't mean everything, but there is some power there. Having Fant gives EC more time to prove himself before we force him into the lineup. Fant goes to RT unless E is great there. Fresh looking oline. If not him, I think Austin Jackson will fall. 







Image result for michael pittman jr. usc3(68) MICHAEL PITTMAN JR. - WR/6'4 223LBS

He's a smooth playmaker and has a connection with Sam already. He goes straight into competition with Doctson and Perriman this summer and beats them both towards the end of the season. It doesn't hurt to give Sam a bigger Redzone target. 







Image result for ke'shawn vaughn vanderbilt3(79) KE'SHAWN VAUGHN - RB/5'10 205LBS

Every year there is a surprise pick in the draft. Us picking an RB earlier than expected is the one I can see happening. I love Bell, but he's 28 with 2 more years on his contract. He took a year off and took a lot of hits the past season. This will start off as a 1-2 punch until we get towards the end of Bell's contract. KV is my 2nd favorite RB in this draft. You can use him the same way you would use Bell.  Bell also has a 15M cap hit at the end of his contract. 







Image result for bryce sterk montana state5(159) BRYCE STERK - 6'5 261LBS

15 Sacks last season. I didn't know where to place him but he has the skills to be molded into the Ravens type of Edge I think JD wants. He'll start with special teams. 







Image result for stantley thomas-oliver fiu6(192) STANTLEY THOMAS-OLIVER - CB/6'0 192LBS

Former WR and needs to work on his technique, but the kid is good. You can tell he wants it. He makes plays vs the run and is physical at the line. Of course, starts off with special teams but can develop into a great player. 







Image result for tyler bass georgia southern6(212) TYLER BASS - K/5'10 190LBS

He's just good. Check him out on twitter. He kicks from 65yds with no problem and finding a kicker has been a nightmare. 

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I'm cool with signing Clowney, and Cool with drafting CeeDee, everything else I am either meh on or don't like.  

I'm meh on Pittman, think he is decent player and don't hate the pick but he certainly doesn't excite me.  I'd fine i guess with taking late round flyers on a K and CB

I don't like signing Rhodes, I think he is cooked.  I really don't like Cleveland, he is the classic combine riser who looks great in shorts and not so great on the actual field.  I don't like drafting Keshawn Vaughn in the 3rd, i think that is really early for him, AND there are plenty of RB's to be found later that i think fit Gases system just as well or better.  

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Posted (edited)

This is one of the scenarios I like. I prefer not to reach at 11 for OT. So, if we cant trade back, then grab a WR. But, like your mock, that puts us in a position where we likely have to trade up for one of the second tier OT because I have a feeling they are going to go fast. So, I like the trade up. I'm a fan of Pittman and Vaughn. Vaughn might be a bit of reach where you have him though. But who knows. 

Teams can do a lot worse than Lamb, Crowder, Perriman, and Pittman as their top 4 WRs. Mix that in with Herndon over the middle and Bell out of the backfield, and we may have something cooking. I'd be happy with this. The key in any scenario is going to come down to the offensive line coming together. We're literally going to have a bunch of new guys. Edoga might be the only Macc holdover. It's nuts how quickly we turned over the offensive line. 

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We should not be trading up unless a big time player falls a lot and Cleveland is not a big time player. If someone like Chase Young falls to like 8 or 9 then ya. If Thomas is there in the second round and want to move up a few spots fine but giving up a 4th for Cleveland is poor IMO. I do like Pittman and I know a lot don't but Pittman is a great fall back guy in the 4th round. Ya a lot of these good WR can be had in the 4-6 rounds because there are so many good ones. Heck you might even fond some good ones in the undrafted guys.

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Posted (edited)

Love this. Also like the low-key Xavier Rhodes move. Still feel he could bounce back after being humbled this year. Well worth a cheap 1yr deal. 

I really like the draft also, can’t see us messing up as long as we take a OT or WR at #11

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