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Redskins sign former Giants WR, Cody Latimer

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3 minutes ago, naptownskinsfan said:

Holmgren was fired as GM three years into the job, so no, he wasn't successful in Seattle as a personnel guy.  

He's a primary reason why I hate it when coaches have other roles.  Playcalling is another.  I'm a strong believer that you hire an OC/DC to plan and execute the offense.  Let them do it and call plays.  You be the leader of the team and players and coaches.  Meet with them, get to know them, etc.  Same with the personnel.  The front office and GM are there for a reason.  Leaders lead effective by "doing what only you can do."  A head coach has so much to do that they shouldn't be worried about these other things, and it's been proven that very few can navigate those waters successfully.  But those that do have a proven system that works, such as Bill Belichick, or they have been hired alongside people who they trust working together with.  

I know what they do. Bill Belichick also had Tom Brady fall into his lap in the 6th round. Let’s see what the Pats do w/o him, they had Brady for 20 years.

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