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Browns Pick at 10

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Andrew Thomas has been my 1A., the entire process....no need to change.

At the same time....Tristian Wirfs was and is still my 1b at OT.....

3. Wills (based of @Mind Character standing on a table that was on FIRE and banging the drum for him)

4. Bekton

5a. Jones (houston)

5b. Cleveland (Boise)

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Thomas a three-year starter at left tackle for Georgia.thedraftnetwork.com/player/andrew-thomas/eGlH3R2cHb  He knows how to play LT. Joe Thomas sure seemed like a no-brainer as a prospect coming out of Wisconsin.They did question Joe Thomas’ run blocking. The last Thomas we drafted at LT worked out really great too.  Crazy! Let's keep the Thomas thing going!

Go Browns! Be safe and GOD Bless!

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3 hours ago, Fatgerman said:

Probably not a popular opinion, but I'm for trading back, getting another second round pick, and drafting Josh Jones/Ezra Cleveland, preferably Jones. 

I'd be thrilled to get Winfield jr and Okwara in the 2nd.

Josh Jones is a good one.....

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7 hours ago, buno67 said:


What are your plans for a starting LT than? Because Those two guys are not plug and play for a team with high expectations 

I think Josh Jones is as much a plug and play left tackle as any other tackle besides maybe Thomas. Wills and Wirfs are RT converts. Becton is not quite on par with Jones as a pass protector right now, not to mention his 2018 tape was meh at best.

So besides Thomas, who is this true plug and play left tackle you expect to grab?

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