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BK's 2020 "Quick" 3 Round Mock

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I like Cushenberry a lot more than Hennessy. I think Cush is perfect for the Steelers. His main knock is he doesn't get out and move in space well. Our LG hasn't been able to move for the last 10 years. Cush is far more athletic than Ramon Foster was. He'll learn from watching one of the most talented Centers at moving in space. He'll come in an immediately start at LG, I'd assume. He can move over when Pouncey retires, or he can stay at LG and we can draft another center later. I think the fit is too perfect. 

Also, I don't want to draft a QB anywhere in this draft. I don't know who I'd take over Fromm, but I'd take a Safety, RB, or a DT there. 

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22 hours ago, INbengalfan said:

Love the first two rounds for the Bengals.  I agree we could go OT in the third, but I would feel a bit queasy waiting until day three to start taking LBs

Eh, I'll take Cleveland over Willie Gay, Malik Harrison, or Jordyn Brooks every time.  I don't think any of those guys are more than rotational average NFL LB's whereas Cleveland could be a bookend OT for a decade along with Jonah.

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