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Week 3 Chiefs at Chargers Thread

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That was the worst game I've ever seen Rivers Play.  That's saying something as he's had some stinkers the last 5 years.  The o-line did about as well as they could against a fearsome pass rush and the defense was very impressive.  I don't doubt the Chargers will be able to stumble into 5-6 wins this season, but I think it's time to move on from Rivers.  This upcoming QB draft class looks mouth-watering.  I think that, after Darnold, Baker Mayfield will be the best pro of the bunch.

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Are defense prevented one of the best offensive teams from scoring in 4 drives (about) and yet are offense (mostly rivers) absolutely sucked, I won't surprised when Hunt got that TD the D was tired from playing every 2 seconds, Chiefs D wasn't tired they could eat a full course meal and we still couldn't score..... I just gonna make a paper bag wear on my head lay n the ground and listen to a depressing song


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