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Vegas' Packers MOCK the Draft!

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Thought I'd throw this out for a little fun....

1.30.  Green Bay Packers select......Braun Strowman, DL, WWE.  6'8''  386 pounds.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  This Monster Among Men has been known to pick up ambulances and throw people throw tables, including former NFL defensive end, Broc Lesnar, you know, the guy who was once a Viking.  Gotta love that.  1:10 for the ambulance flip.  

Gute immediately gets help for Kenny Clark.

And let's not forget that he knows how to flatten people with a running start.  Could be a two way star!

2.62.  Now that the DL is set and the rest of the league is buying diapers in preparation of facing Clark and Strowman, gute goes with his sexy WR.  K.  So I cannot pick just one.  So let's just say that they are all the same WR.

3.94.  DL is set.  WR is, uh, shall we say STACKED???  Time to focus on the protection of Rodgers.  Gute selects.... The Statue of Liberty!  Look at the reach.  No one is getting around those long arms.  And that base is solid.  Great RT.


4.136.  Still fearful for Rodgers health, Gute gets the steal of the draft.  That's right, a Protective Bubble for Aaron Rodgers!  Now he can hang onto the ball and not get touched.  Makes the 5'th down depreciation thread look really silly now that Rodgers can, uh, "roll out" for a first down.  Billy Turner instantly becomes an All Pro Guard.

Protective bubble – Future Lawyer

5.175.  Gute finds himself still needing some help at corner back.  Someone that can stick to receivers like glue.  Agility, grace and high point ability.  Look no further than Peter Parker.  The Spider Man!  Suck on that Allen Robinson.

First time doing the jump pose. - Spiderman

Gute trades all of his current draft picks this year to move back up into round 5, because here is a gem.  The heir apparent to Rodgers, you guessed it, Uncle Rico!

Uncle Rico throws a football! - GIF on Imgur

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Just trying to have a little fun.  It was fun to put together.  

But...I'm not sure if the RAS score for the Statue of Liberty is going to be within Gute's threshholds.

And if Rodgers only looks for Adams with that stacked WR corp, then it is time to get Uncle Rico in there.

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