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Atlanta Falcons Official FFMD Thread

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Welp my friends it's that time of year again for all those who want to participate in it.   I was chosen this year to be the GM of the Falcons with Scar as the Senior Advisor.  For any of those who want to participate in this you are more than welcome to.  Even if it's just to cast a vote on a position or player you like at each position.  We don't have tons of time before the draft as it's going down on Friday i think.   I'll post my board of needs in how i see them in order and you can do so as well if you want to and we can discuss them and move positions around based on how we see the needs together. 

I'll do the depth chart and needs in the next post to try and keep it separated and clear.

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Here is the most recent updated depth chart for the Falcons and imo a updated ranking of needs  based from  ESPN's depth chart for us and signings.  We can move this around as we see fit to get a better depth chart with anyones input and info.

QB     Matt Ryan        Matt Schaub            Kurt Benkert          Danny Etling  
WR     Julio Jones           Laquon Treadwell            Brandon Powell        
WR     Calvin Ridley         Olamide Zaccheaus          Devin Gray
WR     Russell Gage         Christian Blake
RB     Todd Gurley          Ito Smith          Qadree Ollison         Brian Hill      Craig Reynolds
FB     Keith Smith                       
TE     Hayden Hurst        Jaeden Graham        Carson Meier       Khari Lee
LT     Jake Matthews         Matt Gono              
LG    James Carpenter       Matt Gono       John Wetzel
C     Alex Mack                       
RG     Chris Lindstrom       Jamon Brown       Sean Harlow
RT     Kaleb McGary          Justin McCray                      
RDE     Dante Fowler      Allen Bailey        Austin Larkin            Steven Means       
DT     Grady Jarrett                       
DT     Tyeler Davison         Deadrin Senat         Jacob Tuioti-Mariner
LDE     Takk McKinley       John Cominsky
WLB     Foye Oluokun         Ahmad Thomas   
MLB     Deion Jones          Laroy Reynolds 
SLB      Edmond Robinson
RCB     Isaiah Oliver         Blidi Wreh-Wilson                 
LCB     Kendall Sheffield     Jordan Miller                  C.J. Reavis       
FS      Ricardo Allen        Damontae Kazee         Sharrod Neasman      Chris Cooper
SS     Keanu Neal         Ricardo  Allen         Jamal Carter                  
K     Younghoe Koo                       
P     Ryan Allen     Sam Irwin-Hill                 
LS   Josh Harris           


I guess team needs in order for me as it sits would be

1 - LB   SLB  - That just looks pitiful there with only Robinson lol

2 -  CB -   CB isn't terrible but it's young and lacking in quality depth.  We could use a legit Vet or a early round rookie or both to strengthen it

3 - DT -   Grady is a Stud nuff said, Davison is better than given credit for but mostly a run stopper.  Senat coaches have a problem with? and Jacob is a ? mark but potential I still think we need to get 1 more really good DT in this draft since we didn't target one in FA to put next to Grady.

4. C/G - I think we have talent at OG in Gono who i like alot and the Vets in Carpenter and Brown btu we can for sure upgrade the position and get our Center of the future possibly with 1 pick.  We need a guy who can play Center fairly well if Mack gets injured.

5. Safety - This isn't a massive need to me but one i would easily upgrade if the right guy fell to us like a Winfield or Dugger in round 3  highly unlikely on both.  If we can't get a steal here then we got enough talent to hold us off.   Neals injuries scare me and it's his last year of his contract while Rico is solid as is Kazee at FS.  I would prefer not to go with either at SS if i don't have too.   Neasman, Carter, and Cooper are  Bleh at best.  As said if we can get a steal for a upgrade go for it i round 3 or later if not theirs enough here to work with.

Edge - I treat this the same way i do Safety as i see we have quite a bit of young talent there and some solid Vets but by god if a good one falls to round 3 and we can't pass on him just based on BPA alone the position can always be worked on and upgraded and i wouldn't think twice about it.  We always need pressure and Sacks :D

6. RB - This is insurance for Gurley incase some high end RB falls to us in say the 4th or something and the value is worth taking if we got needs covered.  This is a deep RB class and we might can snag a really good one falling some.

7.  TE We have 4 unknowns on the team but 2 of them in Hurst and Graham are MASSIVE UPSIDE guys and i really want to give them a chance to shine and reach it.  Not against a later round TE if the value is good but wouldn't be my choice over other needs.

Thats my list and setup you can discuss it and tell me what you like or hate on it and we can discuss players each of us like and move things around. 

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Depth Chart

Color codes: Starter. Re-signing. Free Agent. Traded for. Draft Pick


QB: Matt Ryan/Matt Schaub/Kurt Benkert/Danny Etling

RBF: Todd Gurley/Brian Hill/Matt Brieda/Ke'Shawn Vaughn/Ito Smith/Qadree Ollison/Craig Reynolds

RBC: Matt Brieda/Brian Hill/Ito Smith/Ke'Shawn Vaughn

FB: Keith Smith

WRX: Julio Jones/Binjamin Victor/Christian Blake

WRZ: Calvin Ridley/Olamide Zaccheaus/Brandon Powell

WRS: Russell Gage/Laquon Treadwell/Devin Gray

TE: Hayden Hurst/Jaeden Graham/Khari Lee/Carson Meier

LT: Jake Matthews/Matt Gono

LG: James Carpenter/Calvin Throckmorton

C: Alex Mack/Justin McCray/Sean Harlow

RG: Chris Lindstrom/Jamon Brown

RT: Kaleb McGary/John Wetzel


Color codes: Starter. Re-signing. Free Agent. Traded for. Draft Pick

EDGE Rotation: Dante Fowler. Takkarist McKinley, K'Lavon ChaissonSteven Means, Austin Larkin

DT/DE Rotation: Allen Bailey, John Cominsky, Jacob Tuioti-Mariner

DT Rotation: Grady Jarrett, Tyeler Davison, Deadrin Senat


WLB: Foye Oluokun/Ahmad Thomas

MLB: Deion Jones/La'Roy Reynolds

SLB: K'Lavon Chaisson/Edmond Robinson

LCB: Kendall Sheffield/Lamar Jackson/Jordan Miller

RCB: Isaiah Oliver/Cameron Dantzler/Blidi Wreh-Wilson

FS: Ricardo Allen/Damontae Kazee/Chris Cooper/C.J. Reavis

SS: Keanu Neal/Kyle Dugger/Sharrod Neasman/Jamal Carter


LB: Deion Jones/Ahmad Thomas/Edmond Robinson

LB: Keanu Neal/Foye Oluokun/La'Roy Reynolds

LCB: Kendall Sheffield/Jordan Miller

RCB: Isaiah Oliver/Cameron Dantzler/Blidi Wreh-Wilson

NCB: Kyle Dugger/Lamar Jackson/Chris Cooper

FS: Damontae Kazee/C.J. Reavis

SS:  Ricardo Allen/Sharrod Neasman/Jamal Carter

Special Teams

K: Younghoe Koo

P: Ryan Allen/Sam Irwin-Hill

LS: Josh Harris

KR: Russell Gage/Ito Smith

PR: Olamide Zacchaeus/Kendall Sheffield

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Team Needs by unit:

Tier 1: Starter needed


Tier 2: Competition needed for current starters

EDGE: Fowler needs someone with him. Takk has to prove himself. Bringing in high-value competition here makes sense. Drafted Chaisson to rotate in during nickel sets.


LB: Should have some solid backups now with Robinson and Reynolds. Foye and Jones can start at MLB and WLB. Chaisson is now SLB. Depth could still be a possibility for the right value 


Tier 3: If value is there, go for it

OT: Swing tackle needed. I like Gono, but he needs competition.

DT: Pass rusher next to Grady could be nice if the value is there. Otherwise, no need.

TE: No need except camp bodies unless there's a great value in the mid rounds and we have an extra pick


Tier 4: Not needed

IOL: LG starter needed. Should have solid interior backups with McCray, Brown and Gono there. Carpenter, Throckmorton and Brown and Gono and McCray in a battle to the death.

CB: Need bodies. Two picks here if the value is there. Potentially a true front-line CB if it's available. Drafted Dantzler and Jackson to compete for time.

QB: No need except maybe a late pick if we wind up with an extra pick through a trade for a future backup.

S: Dugger shores up depth

RB: Brieda shores up depth.

FB: No need except camp bodies

WR: No need except camp bodies

ST: No need except camp bodies.

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Thanks for the updates and cleaning it up it looks much better now and for the most part we are right on par with each other in team needs this should be a pretty easy go at things with such a clear path to what will help the team most.  TD actually set us up pretty well this go around i hope he targets 1 or 2 more solid FA's once Trufants cap clears off on june 1st.  Maybe a vet CB to pair with a rookie we drafted.

As for the trade block what you think on putting up there for trade?

I was thinking maybe
1 of the safety's  1 of the depth RB's  and the #16 pick  We can probably upgrade at safety and RB in this draft from what we have if we can replace a pick for them and draft from strength.  Maybe even Takk if anyone their interested and anyone here thinks we can upgrade him in the draft and wants to move on from him. 

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1 minute ago, scar988 said:

Meh. A make an offer thing. Only guys not available for trade are Ryan, Julio, Matthews and anyone who recently signed. 

LOL i sorta beat you to it i actually did that earlier in the draft thread.   Told them just ask on anyone and we would let you know if it's possible with our cap and if it's worth doing it or not.

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@FalconFan13 We're 7 picks away from the pick. Here are my top 7 options left for the Falcons:


DT Javon Kinlaw (starting UT in nickel sets, rotational UT in base)

EDGE K'Lavon Chaisson (would start at SLB and play nickel EDGE)

CB C.J. Henderson (Starting LCB in base and nickel. Would have Sheffield play nickel corner and RCB in base, Oliver RCB in nickel).

OL Mekhi Becton (Starting LG for us. Big and powerful, but also quick enough to play tackle in the pros. At LG would be really tough to get around and has the size to handle NTs one on one allowing MAck to help Lindstrom in pass pro.

S Antoine Winfield, Jr. (Starting FS. Would allow Neal to play more of a WLB in base and could have the Falcons playing more of a true Big Nickel than anything else.)

CB Trevon Diggs (Big, long corner. Same Role as Henderson.)

OL Josh Jones (see Becton, but 320 lbs and quicker instead of massive and skrong).

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3 hours ago, scar988 said:

And yes, it's all over the map, but ideally, we get a trade down. IT's tough to see what makes the most sense right now.

Just got home from work and i like the 1st 2 guys you listed i can't stand Henderson and want no part of him in the 1st round lol.    My list as it sits would be

1. Tradedown
2. Chassion
3. Murray
4. Queen
5. Baun
6. Winfield

I view CB as way to deep to waste a 1st round pick on one when you can get imo a better player in johnson, diggs, or igo in round 2 for much better value.  Where as taking a position that isn't as deep in round 1.  Kinlaw would have been 1 and Becton would have been on there as well but both are gone now.

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Anyone want to chime in on this  were on the clock   We got offers of  36 + 38 for 16 and the late ravens 4th      We could target any of the CB's in round 2  a guy like Winfield,  any of the dropping LB's.  any of the dT's.    Im waiting out on a trade as well although i think it's just 2 lol.  

Chassion im pretty big on as well i just don't know if i love Chassion more than being able to possibly draft Winfield + another 1st round quality guy who might have fail to 38.

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