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The NFL Draft - Predictions


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This is a little different. I’m not asking for predictions on who will be selected where or anything like that. 

How do you think this draft is going to pan out with everything being done remotely? 

Will there be big drama with anything going wrong or do you think they’re going to have fallback plans for the issues they’ve foreseen?

How do you think it will be presented to the audience at home? How would you like it to be presented?

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I know it’s not realistic, but having all 32 teams representatives (either HC or GM or Owner) making the picks live directly to the audience would be awesome 

like Hollywood Squares 




another option would be to put all 32 owners in a discord server and make them do all their trades and picks through the discord app, with everything streamed to us at home 

I would watch that and DVR it for multiple viewings 

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