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Canadian Saints' Mock Draft

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Since I've seen a few mocks on here, I thought I'd throw in my hat and see what you guys think.


Round 1: LB Patrick Queen LSU

Not much else to say here that hasn't been said. He's a perfect modern day linebacker. He's aggressive, physical and shows a lot of positive traits in coverage. He shows good instincts and to add, he turns 21 in August, so it makes him one of the younger prospects in the draft. He's not a perfect prospect, but for this franchise I think he's an ideal fit. I do think we might have to trade up for him, but I don't think it would be a major trade. Demario Davis should be an awesome player for him to get mentored from.

Round 3: WR KJ Hill OSU

We go back to Ohio State for another WR. KJ Hill. Brees' deep ball is shot. It's not very effective and unless Hill is throwing it, it lands short a lot. KJ Hill I think is a perfect 3rd or 4th option in this offense. He's known for his route running and his hands. He'll never beat you with his speed, but as a technician I think he can do a lot of damage. A comparison would be Kupp of the Rams. With MT, Cook, Sanders and Kamara getting a lot fo attention, in theory a guy like Hill should feast. Last year key drops by Ginn, Smith and Cook (early on) made our life a lot more difficult than needed.

Round 4: LB Davion Taylor Colorado

So we double dip at LB this draft. Davion Taylor is an interesting prospect. He's not as polished as guys ahead of him, however he has a lot of nice traits. For one thing, he's athletic as heck. His biggest pitfalls is that he's rough. Diagnosing plays needs some work on his end. In coverage he has missteps. He also at times falls for misdirection (Flashbacks to 49ers game....). His playstyle reminds me of Fred Warner of the 49ers. He'll never be a force in the run game, but he makes up for it and then some in coverage. The difference is Taylor needs some work in that department but with our success with both Davis and Anzalone, I think we can coach him out of it.

Round 5: OT Cameron Clark Charlotte

So he's one of my favorites. A small school prospect who shows some good traits as a LT but has questions over competition and ceiling. We've had some success with O-linemen like that. For the immediate future I think he gives us depth. I think between his size and ability, we have some quality depth in our O-line throughout. I know the Saints like OT Ethan Greenridge due his measurements, but I don't want a situation where we put a G at LT when Armstead's yearly injury comes and pray it works out. I think Clark can be coached up to be atleast a decent rotation piece.


What do you guys think?

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Positions work for me. Big fan of Hill, as well. This draft would make me happy

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