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FF Mock draft contest

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21 hours ago, johndeere1707 said:

1. Bengals- Joe Burrow QB    15

2. Redskins- Chase Young EDGE    15

3. Dolphins (DET)- Tua Tagovailoa QB   7

4. Raiders (NYG)- Jeff Okudah CB    5

5. Lions (MIA)- Derrick Brown DL   2

6. Chargers- Justin Herbert QB   15 

7. Giants (CAR)- Andrew Thomas OL   6

8. Cardinals- Tristan Wirfs OL    0

9. Buccaneers (JAX)- Mekhi Becton OL   2

10. Broncos (CLE)- CeeDee Lamb WR   0

11. Jets- Jedrick Willis OL   5

12. Panthers (NYG)- Isaiah Simmons LB/S   0

13. 49ers- Jerry Jeudy WR   2

14. Jaguars (TB)- CJ Henderson CB   5

15. Eagles (CLE)- Henry Ruggs III WR   1

16. Falcons- Javon Kinlaw DL   2

17. Cowboys- K’lavon Chaisson EDGE   1

18. Dolphins- Josh Jones OL   0

19. Giants (LV)- Patrick Queen LB   0

20. Jaguars- Justin Jefferson WR   2

21. Browns (PHI)- Ezra Cleveland OL   0

22. Vikings- Jeff Gladney CB   5

23. Colts (NE)- Jordan Love QB   0

24. Saints- Kristian Fulton CB   0

25. Vikings- Yetur Gross-Matos EDGE   0

26. Dolphins- Xavier McKinney S   0

27. Lions (SEA)- Jaylon Johnson CB   0

28. Ravens- Kenneth Murray LB   0

29. Titans- Isaiah Wilson OL   15

30. Packers- Brandon Aiyuik WR   0

31. 49ers- AJ Terrell CB   0

32. Chiefs- Damon Armette CB.  0


1st trade: #3

Number of trades: 8






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15 hours ago, brownie man said:

I gotta win again its been too long


1. Bengals: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU.   15
2. Redskins: Chase Young, DE, Ohio State.  15
3. Lions: Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State.  15
4. Giants: LB Isaiah Simmons    0
5. Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama.  15
6. Chargers: Jedrick Wills.  0
7. Panthers: Derrick Brown   15
8. Cardinals: Tristan Wirfs.  0
9. Jaguars: Jerry Jeudy    0
10. Browns: Andrew Thomas    0
11. Jets: Mekhi Becton.  15
12. Raiders: Ceedee Lamb.  0
13. 49ers: Henry Ruggs.  5
14. Buccanneers: Javon Kinlaw.  10
15. Broncos: CJ Henderson.  0
16. Falcons: K'Lavon Chaisson.  0
17. Cowboys. Xavier Mckinney.  0
18. Dolphins: Josh Jones, OT, Houston.  0
19. Raiders: AJ Terrell.  1
20. Jaguars: Kristian Fulton.  0
21. Eagles: Justin Jefferson.  5
22. Vikings: Jeff Gladney 5
23. Patriots: AJ Epenesa   0
24. Saints: Patrick Queen.  0
25. Vikings:Austin Jackson    0
26. Dolphins: Cesar Ruiz.  2
27. Seahawks: Trevon Diggs.  0
28. Ravens: Zack Baun.  0
29. Titans: Yetur Gross Maton.  0
30. Packers: Jalen Reagor.  0
31. 49ers: Grant Delpit.  0
32. Cheifs: Ross Blacklock   0


Pick with first trade: 3
Number of 1st round trades: 6


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13 hours ago, TheSportsElf said:

1. Cincinnati Bengals –––––– Joe Burrow, QB Louisiana State University   15

2. Washington Redskins –––– Chase Young, DE Ohio State University   15

3. TRADE: Miami Dolphins ––Justin Herbert, QB Oregon   1

4. New York Giants ––––––– Tristan Wirfs, OL Iowa   0

5. TRADE: Detroit Lions ––––Jeff Okudah, CB Ohio State University   7

6. Los Angeles Chargers –––– Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama   5

7. Carolina Panthers ––––––– Isaiah Simmons, LB Clemson5

8. Arizona Cardinals ––––––– Mekhi Becton, OL Louisville   1

9. Jacksonville Jaguars ––––– Derrick Brown, DT Auburn   2

10. Cleveland Browns –––––– Jedrick Wills, OL Alabama   15

11. New York Jets ––––––––– CeeDee Lamb, WR Oklahoma   0

12. Las Vegas Raiders –––––– CJ Henderson, CB Florida   1

13. San Francisco 49ers ––––– Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama   5

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers –– Andrew Thomas, OL Georgia   0

15. Denver Broncos –––––––– Jerry Jeudy, WR Alabama   15

16. Atlanta Falcons –––––––– Javon Kinlaw, DT South Carolina   2

17. Dallas Cowboys –––––––– K’lavon Chaisson, EDGE Louisiana State University   1

18. Miami Dolphins –––––––– Josh Jones, OL Houston    0

19. Las Vegas Raiders –––––– Justin Jefferson, WR Louisiana State University   1

20. Jacksonville Jaguars –––– Kristian Fulton, CB Louisiana State University   0

21. Philadelphia Eagles ––––– Tee Higgins, WR Clemson   0

22. Minnesota Vikings ––––– AJ Terrell, CB Clemson   0

23. New England Patriots ––– Jordan Love, QB Utah State   1

24. New Orleans Saints –––– Patrick Queen, LB Louisiana State University   0

25. Minnesota Vikings ––––– Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE Penn State   0

26. TRADE: Detroit Lions–– AJ Epenesa, EDGE Iowa   0

27. Seattle Seahawks–––––– Ross Blacklock, DL, Texas Christian University   0

28. Baltimore Ravens ––––– Kenneth Murray, LB Oklahoma   0

29. Tennessee Titans –––––– Zack Baun, EDGE Wisconsin   0

30.  Green Bay Packers ––––Denzel Mims, WR Baylor   0

31. San Francisco 49ers –––– Xavier McKinney, S Alabama   0

32. Kansas City Chiefs –––– Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah   0


The first trade will be for pick 3 and there will be six trades


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13 hours ago, Sllim Pickens said:
1. Cincinnati Joe Burrow, QB LSU.  15
2. Washington Chase Young, DE Ohio St.  15
3. Miami f/Detroit Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama.  7
4. Jacksonville f/NY Giants Justin Herbert, QB Oregon.  2
5. Detroit f/Miami Jeff Okudah, CB Ohio St.   7
6. LA Chargers Jedrick Wills, OT Alabama.  0
7. Carolina Isaiah Simmons, LB/S Clemson  5
8. Arizona Derrick Brown, DT Auburn.  5
9. NYG f/Jacksonville Tristan Wirfs, OT Iowa.  0
10. Atlanta f/Cleveland CJ Henderson, CB Florida.  5
11. NY Jets Mekai Bechton, OT Louisville.  15
12. Las Vegas Javon Kinlaw, DT South Carolina. 2
13. San Francisco f/IND Henry Ruggs, WR Alabama   5
14. Tampa Bay Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia.  0
15. Denver Jerry Jueday, WR Alabama   15
16. Cleveland f/Atlanta Ezra Cleveland, OT Boise St.  0
17. Dallas K'Lavon Chaisson, DE/OLB LSU.  1
18. Miami f/PIT CeeDee Lamb, WR Oklahoma 5
19. Las Vegas f/CHI Denzel Mims, WR Baylor.  0
20. Jacksonville f/LAR Kristian Fulton, CB LSU.  0
21. Philadelphia Tee Higgins, WR Clemson.  0
22. Minnesota f/BUF Ceasar Ruiz, IOL Michigan.  2
23. New England AJ Epenesa, DE Iowa.  0
24. New Orleans Yeuter Gross-Matos, DE Penn St.  0
25. Minnesota Jalen Reagor, WR TCU.  0
26. Miami f/HOU Noah Ignioghene, CB Auburn.  5
27. Seattle Xavier McKinney, S Alabama.  0
28. Baltimore Curtis Weaver, DE/OLB Boise St.  0
29. Tennessee Matt Hennessy, OL Temple.  0
30. Green Bay Zack Baun, OLB Wisconsin.  0
31. San Francisco Neville Gallimore, DT Oklahoma.  0
32. Kansas City

Damon Arnette, CB Ohio St   0


First trade will be pick 3, total of 5 trades in the 1st round. 


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13 hours ago, djw4bucs said:

1. Cincinnati. Joe Burrow QB, LSU.  15
2. Washington. Chase Young EDGE, OSU.  15
3. Detroit. Jeff Okudah CB, OSU.  15
4. NY Giants Isaiah Simmons LB, CLEM   0
5. Miami Justin Herbert QB, ORE.  5
6. LA Chargers Tua Tagovailoa QB, ALA.  5
7. Carolina Derrick Brown DL, AUB.  15
8. Arizona Jedrick Wills Jr OT, ALA.  2
9. Jacksonville Tristan Wirfs OT, IOWA.  0
10. Cleveland Mekhi Becton OT, LOU.  5
11. NY Jets Henry Ruggs III WR, ALA.  5
12. Las Vegas Denzel Mims WR, BAY.  0
13. San Francisco f/IND Jerry Jeudy WR, ALA.  2
14. Tampa Bay Andrew Thomas OT, GA.  0
15. Denver CeeDee Lamb WR, OK.  2
16. Atlanta C.J. Henderson, Florida.  0
17. Dallas Javon Kinlaw DL, SC.  1
18. Miami f/PIT Josh Jones OT.  0
19. Las Vegas f/CHI Grant Delpit S, LSU.  0
20. Jacksonville f/LAR Lucas Niang OT TCU.  0
21. Philadelphia Justin Jefferson WR, LSU.  5
22. Minnesota f/BUF CB K'Lavon Chaisson EDGE, LSU.  2
23. New England Patrick Queen LB, LSU.  0
24. New Orleans Jordan Love QB, UTAH ST.  2
25. Minnesota Brandon Aiyuk WR, ASU.  10
26. Miami f/HOU Kristian Fulton CB, LSU.  0
27. Seattle A.J. Epenesa EDGE, IOWA.  0
28. Baltimore Xavier McKinney S, ALA.  0
29. Tennessee Trevon Diggs CB, ALA.  0
30. Green Bay Zack Baun LB, WIS.  0
31. San Francisco Noah Igbinoghene CB, AUB.  5
32. Kansas City Jonathan Taylor RB, WIS   0



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On 11/26/2019 at 10:57 AM, Giants4eva said:
1 - Cincinnati Bengals - QB Joe Burrow / LSU 
    The consensus is that Burrow will be the #1 pick. And i think deservedly so. He will usher in a new culture to the Bengals and hopefully make them a contender for years to come. From what I've read so far between rumors and random other articles, the deal is basically done and Burrow is a lock. 
10 + 5 bonus = 15  || Total 15
2 - Washington Redskins - EDGE Chase Young / OSU
   I was totally shredded by Skins nation when i mocked a WR a while back, and honestly if they were picking lower than here i still would've stuck with Jerry Jeudy. But that changed instantly when they ended up with the 2nd overall pick in the draft. It will take a trade of biblical proportions for someone to trade up and either grab Young here or a QB that's on the board, and i just don't see Ron Rivera budging at all when he's got a potential All-Pro edge rusher in the mold  of Julius Peppers sitting there for the taking. Young is a special kind of player that does not come around very often, so basically lock him in here. 
10 + 5 bonus = 15  || Total 30
3- TRADE!!! Miami Dolphins (f/Det. Lions) - QB Tua Tagovailoa / Alabama
   This trade still depends on what the Dolphins feel of Tua's health. But make no mistake about it there is going to be teams moving up for the services of Tua, Herbert and possibly Love. From all the reports I've come across, Miami has heavily zero'd in on this kid for a while. They want him to be THE guy for their next franchise QB. What the price to pay is?... Im not sure. Ill take a guess in the Lions pick, but since its 2 slots up from where they sit currently i dont think the price is gonna be sky high. It'll be decent but Miami has the capital to pull it off. 
2 + 5 bonus = 15  || Total 32
4- TRADE!!! LA Chargers (f/NY Giants) - QB Justin Herbert / Oregon 
   This is the shocker right here. And not so much that the Chargers traded up but the fact Dave Gettleman actually trades down. I'm calling it now, there is going to be a trade down done here by the Giants and yes even still with Isaiah Simmons still on the board. This will make the fan base lose their sh--, but in the grand scheme of things, i agree with it. Ill come up with the picks the Chargers give up to go here in the Giants slot. That being said, I'm almost certain that Herbert is the call here. Phillip Rivers was told bye bye and i really cant blame LA ownership for that because he looked like a shell of what he used to be for the last 2 years. I think Herbert is the guy they want and I'm thinking  they are gonna pull the trigger here to get him.
2 + 5 bonus = 15  || Total 37
5- Detroit Lions (f/Miami Dolphins) - OLB / S Isaiah Simmons / Clemson .. Det receive Mia's 1st (5th overall) 2nd (39th overall) and 5th (153rd overall) and future considerations
  Detroit holds so much power at the 3rd spot in this draft its not even funny. Many mocks, including mine a few months back for the longest time had the Lions taking Jeffrey Okudah. Now while that could still happen, i honestly think with the capital the Lions have, they can easily go after a DB in the next round, especially with 2 2nd rd picks now. And very high ones at that. Even that said, when u break down overall talent, one could argue Simmons is the drafts best overall player. An absolute stud who can play multiple positions and is effective at all of them. Smart move on Detroit's part to bring in a veteran like Desmond Trufant to at least salvage a position with Darius Slay being traded. And with Devon Kennard being gone, the position of OLB just opened up. Insert Simmons here. 
1 = 1  || Total 38
6- NY Giants (f/LA Chargers) - OT Tristan Wirfs / Iowa .. NY Giants receive LACs'  1st (6th overall) 2nd (37th overall) and 5th (151st overall)
  After anarchy and screaming death to Dave Gettleman for passing yet again on a potential building block on defence in Isaiah Simmons.. the crowd cheers when they go after Wirfs. Wirfs put on a freak show at the combine with 4.85 speed and a ridiculous vertical and long jump. It is going to be hard to argue the Wirfs pick here. With Nate Solder willing to move down the line and give the Giants some help to save money in FA (hopefully), Wirfs comes and locks down the left side for the next 10 years. The real win here in this trade is the Giants receiving the extra 2nd rd pick which they can use in a ton of different ways. Well see. 
0 = 0 || Total 38
7- Carolina Panthers - CB Jeffrey Okudah / OSU 
 The Panthers decision making just got made a whole lot easier with bringing in Teddy Bridgewater. Some ppl could still contemplate a QB here given Bridgewater's injury history but i just cant see the Panthers doing anything other than 1- signing a veteran backup qb or 2- draft a qb late to battle for a backup position. I thought of possibly an offensive tackle being that Daryl Williams just signed with the Bills, but its gonna mighty hard to let a talent like Okudah get away here, especially with the fact they lost James Bradberry to the Giants. It's possible this could be Derrick Brown, but i think the Panthers hold out until RD2 for the DT position. 
0 = 0 || Total 38
8- Arizona Cardinals - OT Andrew Thomas / Georgia 
 Cards have a star in the making in Kyler Murray and they had better protect him so he can be a repeat pro-bowl talent. Thomas before the draft even in my oppinion was the top OT in this draft class. I don't think he makes it past Arizona. This one has become almost a no brainer pick for me because i was debating about a top WR prospect until they were able to commit highway robbery in getting Deandre Hopkins from the Texans. 
0=0 || Total 38
9- Jacksonville Jaguars - DL Derrick Brown / Auburn
2=2 || Total 40
  This pick was a hard one. I was going back and forth between dline and a possible stud WR for Gardner Minshew. Brown is the man i ultimately settled on due to the Yannick Ngakuoe franchise tag situation and also Calais Campbell just was shipped off to the Ravens. Their defence is not what it used to be and i think Derrick Brown can contribute right away. 
10- Cleveland Browns - OT Mekhi Becton / Louisville 
  Baker Mayfield was running for his life last season. This is the one pick to me that seems like a no brainer for round 1. Becton isn't big, he is gi-freakin-normous and a rare talent. I can see the Browns drafting him here. With them signing Jack Conklin to a 3yr deal, he will lock down the right side of the line. Now they go and solidify the left side. 
5 = 5 || Total 45
11- NY Jets - WR Jerry Jeudy / Alabama
  This is gonna be a very hard pick for the Jets. A VERY hard pick. Jedrick Wills is sitting there for the taking. And Sam Darnold needs help up front. I think with bringing in Connor McGovern and George Fant, they are gonna rely on them to be plug and play starters. With the loss of Robbie Anderson to the Panthers the Jets have really handcuffed themselves. I think the Jets have to go BPA for position of need here. And Jeudy fits both of those.  
2=2 || Total 47
12- Las Vegas Raiders - WR CeeDee Lamb / Oklahoma
  I think Mike Mayock will be fuming over losing out on Jerry Jeudy to the Jets. The Raiders really need a WR to stretch the field. But i dont think they will complain with coming away with Lamb who many ppl are arguing is the top WR in this class. Have to admit get this kid in open space, and just watch the show. 
0=0 || Total 47
13- San Francisco 49ers (f/Ind. Colts)  - WR Henry Ruggs III / Alabama 
 Ill say this, 49ers i'm not 100% certain on at all. Yes Emmanual Sanders went to the Saints, so SF needs a WR. And yes Ruggs is the guy i think they go with here in this situation, but is he really the guy they wanted? Every draft has that one team that takes a player possibly based off of need higher than we would've expected. I know in any draft u wanna take the best possible talent u can to improve ur team. Now while i wanna say the 49ers are gonna go for a WR here.. ill tell u what.. DeForest Buckner was a monumental loss.. Do not be surprised if they take a guy like K'Lavon Chiasson or even Javon Kinlaw. Some ppl might say that's counterproductive with the fact we traded a DT just to draft a DT?.. But ya Buckner was THAT kind of good. In the end i think it's a WR here because Jimmy G really needs a downfield threat. I just think that the 49ers however were hoping on Jeudy or Lamb. Not to say Ruggs at 13 is a reach, but he's just not on the level of Lamb or Jeudy and also Javon Kinlaw i feel is a better overall talent and would warrant the 13 spot. But. At this slot... the 49ers opt to go with Ruggs. 
  5=5 || Total 53
14- Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT Jedrick Wills / Alabama
  For a long time i had the Buccs going with a defensive prospect here, but they did manage to resign JPP,  franchised Shaquille Barrett and brought back Ndamukong Suh on a 1 yr deal so if i'm a Tampa Bay fan, id have to be doing jumping jacks right now. 1- for the fact they got the GOAT behind center and 2- they never saw this coming with being able to take 1 of the big 4 OTs of this draft and arguably the best one. I don't think they will be able to pass on him. The Buccs wanna win a Super Bowl? Simple. PROTECT Tom Brady.
. 0 =0 || Total 53
15- Denver Broncos - WR Justin Jefferson / LSU 
 This one was hard. I am so on the fence with the Broncos. I think what makes me decide on them going for a WR here is the pick up of Jurrell Casey. I could say Javon Kinlaw here but i think it would be the wrong direction to go and just overload them with dline prospects. Drew Lock showed he can play last season. Courtland Sutton need's a compliment opposite him and paired with this kid is a legitimate duo. Jefferson was very impressive with his combine and really has shot up the boards. I can see him being their guy here. 
0=0 || Total 53
16- Atlanta Falcons - DT Javon Kinlaw / South Carolina
  Easy decision here for Atlanta. In my previous mock, i had them with AJ Epenesa only due to the fact they were needing an EDGE rusher. Now while i could still go with another EDGE guy at this spot because i believe u cant have enough pass rushers.. in this version, Javon Kinlaw has somehow managed to slip down to 16. After the signing of EDGE rusher Donte Fowler Jr., now i can see him getting taken here. Grady Jarrett finally gets his tag team partner. 
2=2 || Total 55
17- Dallas Cowboys - DB Xavier McKinney / Alabama
 Dallas is in a tough spot here. Could use another interior dlineman if u ask me. But with alot of money that just went to Dak and then with the resigning Amari Cooper.. Byron Jones became the odd man out. McKinney is a guy i like at this spot. I think its him or Grant Delpit. 
0=0 || Total 55
18- Miami Dolphins - EDGE K'Lavon Chiasson / LSU
  Miami got their man earlier to be the franchise on offense, now they go after a building block on defence. Chaisson will definitly be a starter on this squad from day 1.
2=2 || Total 57

19- Las Vegas Raiders - S Grant Delpit / LSU

  In my previous mock, i had the Raiders going with Kenneth Murray, now while that still could happen, i think with the signing of Corey Littleton they did address a playmaking LB. And one who excels in coverage. I think Karl Joseph was a huge loss. But no matter here, Delpit fits the mold of what Mike Mayock loves in a player. Hardworking and a leader on the field. I can see Delpit easily being the selection here.  
0=0 || Total 57

20- Jacksonville Jaguars- CB CJ Henderson / Florida

 AJ Bouye is no longer with the team. Time to fill a spot with a guy who is equally adept at the position. Could this possibly be  Kristian Fulton? I think so , absolutely,  but in my mind i see Henderson as the better talent over Fulton.
0=0 || Total 57

21- Philadelphia Eagles - WR Laviska Shenault / Colorado

 Eagles need a wideout. Cut and dry. After trading 2 picks to get their man on defence in Darius Slay, this almost becomes a no brainer. Nelson Agholor left for the Raiders and while its not the biggest loss, Alshon Jeffery is no longer reliable,  Desean Jackson isn't young anymore and then u have the unknown. I will say though i think they may have a player in the making in Greg Ward. 
0=0 || Total 57

22- Minnesota Vikings (f/Buffalo) - CB Kristian Fulton / LSU 

 Vikes traded away Stephen Diggs to the Bills.. Now while u could say they need a WR to replace him, thats well and true but with alot of the upper echelon talent is gone at this point. Still good WRs to be had but i think with Kristian Fulton on the board in this scenario i don't know if they can pass on him. Mackenzie Alexander is gone, Xavier Rhodes.. gone.. Trae Waynes .. gone.. Yep. Might be a good move to grab a corner here. And a damn good one at that. 
0=0 || Total 57

23- New England Patriots -  QB Jordan Love / Utah State

 Is this the spot?.. We have to ask ourselves.. is this where Jordan Love goes? There is no question there will be a whirlwind of speculation as to whether Love ends up being the guy to try and replace Tom Brady. Until i see the name Newton or Dalton in a New England jersey... i cant help but think this is where is Jordan Love ends up going. 
2=2 || Total 59

24- New Orleans Saints -  WR Denzel Mims / Baylor

 This one was tough because i could see a running back coming in to compliment Alvin Kamara, but then u could also say Michael Thomas is in desparate need of a WR to compliment him. Now even with Emmanual Sanders... I don't know that the Saints wouldn't wanna give Drew Brees an unreal amount of firepower now that they have to deal with Tom Brady in their division. 
0=0 || Total 59

25- Minnesota Vikings - OL Tyler Biadasz / Wisconsin

 Vikes need to improve guard and center to help out Kirk Cousins. Some ppl could argue Cesar Ruiz is the guy here but i think the versatility that Biadasz offers is monumental. When in the Badgers program he played center and guard. The ultimate goal for the Vikings to succeed is protect Kirk Cousins. 
0=0 || Total 59

26- Miami Dolphins - OT Austin Jackson / USC

 Dolphins got their franchise QB. Time to protect him. Jackson is one of the most underrated tackles of this draft class. He'll be a starter from day 1. 
0 + 5 = 5 || Total 64

27- Seattle Seahawks - EDGE AJ Epenesa / Iowa

 Seahawks have Jadeveon Clowney, Ziggy Ansah possibly leaving in FA. Quinton Jefferson has also left town for the Buffalo Bills. Clowney said he'd like to come back but at what price ? .. Until further notice I'm gonna stick with the kid from Iowa. 
0=0 || Total 64

28- Baltimore Ravens - LB Patrick Queen / LSU

 Ravens have never replaced CJ Mosely in their linebacking corp. I think Queen is absolutely tailor made for the Ravens defence. Reminds me of a poor mans Devin Bush from last years draft. 
10+5 = 15 || Total 79

29- Tennessee Titans - OT Josh Jones / Houston 

Titans lost a major cog on their oline when Jack Conklin left for the Browns. They just signed Ryan Tannehill to a major contract extension. They better make sure he's protected.  
0 = 0 || Total 79

30- Green Bay Packers - WR Jalen Raegor / TCU 

 Packers really need to add another WR for Aaron Rodgers to get the ball too. Raegor will be sneaking into this first rd. 
0=0 || Total 79

31- SF 49ers - EDGE Yetur Gross - Matos / PSU 

 Simply put, why not? Gross-Matos would going to the ultimate situation here with the 49ers. BPA situation all the way on this one, which the 49ers have the luxury of doing. They can line him up inside or outside up front and still potentially be dominant minus losing DeForest Buckner. Ernie Accorsi's famous saying.. " you can never have enough pass rushers" ... I agree.  
0=0 || Total 79

32- KC Chiefs - RB D'Andre Swift / Georgia

Shady McCoy is on the wrong side of 30. And honestly he's still a damn good back. But whats more scary than him..This kid. Chiefs are in the absolutely unreal position of grabbing the top talent left of the 1st round and it just happens to be a position of need.

0=0 || Total 79 

I think? I miscounted mine so I might have missed something on yours

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