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Trade:  Chargers acquire 3rd overall pick from Lions for 6th, 37th, and 2021 1st rd pick.

Trade: Dolphins trade 18th overall pick & QB J.Rosen to Bucs for 14th overall pick. 

Trade: Ravens acquire 19th overall pick from Raiders for 28th & 60th.

Trade: Colts acquire 23rd overall pick from Patriots for 34th, 75th, and 2021 2nd rd pick. 

Trade: Seahawks acquire DE Y.Ngakoue from Jaguars for 27th overall pick & 4th rd pick. 

Trade: Jets acquire 31st overall pick from 49ers for 48th & 79th overall pick.

Trade: Broncos acquire 33rd overall pick from Bengals for 46th & 83rd overall pick.

Trade: Raiders acquire 36th overall pick from Giants for 60th, 80th, and 121st overall pick.

trade: Browns acquire S A.Harris & 105th overall pick from Vikings for 41st overall pick.

Trade; Redskins acquire 58th overall pick from Vikings for OT T.Williams.

Trade: Patriots acquire 59th overall pick from Seahawks for 75th & 100th

Trade: Patriots trade 87th & 125th to 49ers for 79th overall pick.

Round 1:

1. Bengals- Burrow, QB LSU

2. Skins- C.Young, DE Ohio ST

3. Chargers- Tua, QB Bama

4. Giants- Simmons, LB Clemson

5. Phins- A.Thomas, OT UGA

6. Lions- Okudah, CB Ohio ST

7. Panthers- D.Brown, DL Aub

8. Cardinals- Wills, OT Bama

9. Jaguars- Henderson, CB UF 

10. Browns- Wirfs, OT Iowa

11. Jets- Becton, OT UL

12. Raiders- Lamb, WR OU

13. 49ers- Jeudy, WR Bama

14. Dolphins- J.Herbert, QB Oregon

15. Broncos- Ruggs, WR Bama

16. Falcons- Kinlaw, DL SC

17. Cowboys- Mckinney, S Bama

18. Bucs- J.Jones, OT Houston

19. Ravens- Chaisson, EDGE LSU

20. Jags- Epenesa, DE Iowa

21. Eagles- Jefferson, WR LSU

22. Vikes- Reagor, WR TCU 

23. Colts- J.Love, QB Utah St

24. Saints- Queen, LB LSU

25. Vikes- Gladney, CB TCU 

26. Dolphins- Swift, RB UGA

27. Jaguars- Jackson, OT USC 

28. Raiders- Murray, LB OU

29. Titans- Fulton, CB LSU 

30. Packers- Mims, WR Baylor

31. Jets- Higgins, WR Clemson

32. Chiefs- Diggs, CB Bama 

Round 2:

33. Broncos- E.Cleveland, OT Boise St

34. Patriots- Lewis, EDGE Bama 

35. Lions- Gross-Matos, EDGE PSU

36. Raiders- Terrell, CB Clemson

37. Lions- Baun, LB Wisc 

38. Panthers- J.Johnson, CB Utah

39. Dolphins- Delpit, S LSU 

40. Texans- Blacklock, DT TCU 

41. Vikings- Winfield, S Minn

42. Jags- Aiyuk, WR ASU 

43. Bears- Wanogho, OT Auburn

44. Colts- Okwara, EDGE ND 

45. Bucs-Gallimore, DT OU

46. Bengals- I.Wilson, OT UGA 

47. Falcons- Ighonbuone, CB Auburn

48. 49ers- Burgess, DB Utah 

49. Steelers- Uche, EDGE Michigan

50. Bears- Chinn, S Illinois

51. Cowboys-  KJ Hill, WR Ohio St

52. Rams- Niang, OT TCU 

53. Eagles- Duggar, S L.Rhyne

54. Bills- Weaver, EDGE Boise St

55. Ravens- Shenault, WR Colorado

56. Dolphins- Ruiz, C/G Michigan

57. Rams- Dye, LB Oregon

58. Redskins- Taylor, RB Wisc 

59. Patriots- Kmet, TE ND 

60. Giants- Peart, OT Uconn

61. Titans- Madubuike, DL TAMU

62. Packers- Kmet, TE ND 

63. Chiefs- Cushenberry, G/C LSU

64. Seahawks - T.Adams, OT Wash 

Round 3:

65. Bengals- Harrison, LB Ohio St

66. Redskins- Charles, OT LSU 

67. Lions- Hunt, OL Louis-Laf

68. Jets- Arnette, CB Ohio St

69. Panthers- Lynch, DL Baylor

70. Dolphins- Greenard, DE UF

71. Chargers- Muti, OL Fresno St

72. Cardinals- R.Davis, DT Bama

73. Jaguars- Gay, LB Miss St

74. Browns- Elliot, DL Mizzou

75. Seahawks-Fotu, DL UTah 

76. Bucs- Dobbins, RB Ohio St 

77. Broncos- D.Hamilton, DL Ohio St 

78. Falcons- Kindley, G/C Uga

79. Patriots- Eason, QB Wash 

80. Giants- A.Robinson, EDGE Syracuse

81. Raiders- A.Davis, S Cal 

82. Cowboys- R.Lawrence, DT LSU

83. Bengals- J.Jackson, OL Ohio St

84. Rams- Stenbridge, G/C UK

85. Lions- Dillon, RB Boston College 

86. Bills- Hall, CB UVA 

87. 49ers- Driscoll, OT Auburn 

88. Saints- Dantzler, CB Miss st

89. Vikes- Murchinson, DT NC State

90. Texans- Brooks, LB Texas Tech

91. Raiders- Strowbridge, DL UNC

92. Ravens- K.Wallace, S Clemson 

93. Titans- Bartch, OL St. Johns(MIN)

94. Packers- Biadicz, OL Wisc

95. Broncos- Blackmon, S Utah 

96. Chiefs- Davis-Gaither, LB App St

97. Browns- Hennessey, G/C Temple 

98. Pats- Hamler, WR Penn St 

99. Giants- Claypool, WR ND

100. Seahawks- Pittman, WR USC

101- Seahawks- Parkinson, TE Stanford

102. Steelers- Moss, RB Utah 

103. Eagles- Coe, EDGE Auburn

104. Rams- T.Johnson, WR Minn 

105. Browns-  Pride, CB ND 

106. Ravens- McFarland, RB Maryland

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Overall it's not to bad at all for the Falcons if we can get a steal on a solid LB/Edge guy in round 4.   I know Scar will not like the 2nd round pick at all that man doesn't like Igo at all from what i remember lol.   I do think we reached a bit on Kindley but he's not a bad player would much have preferred him or a OG in round 4 for sure.

With the way the draft dropped this probably would have been my picks for each round tell me what you think.

1st - Kinlaw - DT
2nd - Uche - LB/EDge
3rd - Hall - CB - About as good as Igo honestly and might even be better for our scheme.
4th - Best OG available ?

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21 hours ago, JBarrett1984 said:

13. 49ers- Jeudy, WR Bama
48. 49ers- Burgess, DB Utah
87. 49ers- Driscoll, OT Auburn

I like the trades, but would prefer something like this:

13. 49ers- Jeudy, WR Bama
48. 49ers- Ruiz, C/G Michigan
87. 49ers- Dantzler, CB Miss st


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