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The World XI - Carragher Challenge

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8 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

It's hard!

Deceptively so. 

In fact the team I posted doesn't meet the "can't have played for the same team" rule fully.  I ended up having to swap Lampard out for Gerard and Bergkamp out for Drogba, because I didn't realise that Bergkamp had played for Inter Milan between his time at Ajax and Arsenal

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On 26/04/2020 at 6:14 PM, Hunter2_1 said:

It's hard!





Van Dijk















I'm currently trying to sort this out and its damn hard.

GK Germany Kahn   Karlsruher Bayern              
DL Scotland Robertson   Queens Park Dundee Hull Liverpool          
DC Italy Maldini   Milan                
DC Spain Ramos   Sevilla Real              
DR Croatia Srna   Shakthar Cagliari              
MC Ireland Keane   Cobh Notts Forest United Celtic          
MC Brazil Dunga   Internacional Corinthians Santos Vasco Pisa Fiorentina Pescara  Stuttgart Iwata
MC England Lampard   West Ham Chelsea City            
AMR Argentina Messi   Barcelona                
AML Czech Nedved   Skoda Pizen Dukla Prague Sparta Prague Lazio Juve        
STC Holland Bergkamp   Ajax Inter Arsenal            

Sidenote - Van Dijk and Shearer both played for Southampton. :(

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