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FFNBA Final 4: Seminoles vs Champ


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Vote for which team you think would win in a playoff series by posting in the thread. Provide an explanation if you can. Assume all players healthy


8.  @seminoles1 (Grizzlies)

Head Coach:Mike Malone


PG: Malcolm Brogdon

SG: Bradley Beal

SF: Jayson Tatum

PF: Jaren Jackson, Jr.

C: Serge Ibaka


6th man: Fred VanVleet

7th man: Marcus Morris

8th man: Norman Powell

9th man: Dwight Howard

10th man: Dillon Brooks

11th man: Danuel House

12th man: Tristan Thompson




5. @champ11 (Nuggets)

Denver Nuggets

G: Stephen Curry // Dante DiVincenzo 

G: Chris Paul // Will Barton // Jordan Clarkson

F: OG Anunoby // Matisse Thybulle

F: Robert Covington // Davis Bertans // Larry Nance Jr

C: Bam Adebayo // Derrick Favors

HC: Mike D'antoni

Playoff Rotation:

Stephen Curry (38) // Chris Paul (10)

Chris Paul (24) // Will Barton (6) // Dante DiVincenzo (18)

OG Anunoby (28) // Will Barton (20)

Robert Covington (34) // Davis Bertans (14)

Bam Adebayo (36) // Derrick Favors (12) 

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Offense: shooting, clear scoring hierarchy, and movement

Defense: length, switchable, and gang rebounding

champ has the best player and a good defense, but I don't think he has the scoring or enough creators to keep up. My biggest weakness (rebounding) is something his team can't exploit.

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I think my squad has defenders to throw at Beal and Tatum and give them a really tough time...neither squad has reliable go-to scoring with the bigs or dominant rebounding....End of the day I just think Paul and Curry as a combo would be incredible together. Those two with Bam would create really good looks for each other and the complimentary players. I'd feel comfortable in any possible matchup with Paul and Curry running the show. For the concerns about playmaking - Bam, Barton, DiVencenzo can all run an offense. Paul and Curry are great on ball and off ball. Feel comfortable with how the offense would work in this matchup. I think Bertans could play without getting picked on too much when Seminoles wasn't going small. 

Seminonles also has a great team...I feel like he has a really strong bench with guys that would maybe end up getting trusted more than Ibaka + Jackson. I think that's a volatile starting front court to have - not totally sure JJJ is reliable yet. But as starters they would be good and the bench gives flexibility. Norman Powell had a dope year and is underrated. Dwight had a good year...and FVV is a great 6th man

Seminoles coach is BIG TRASH !!! 

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If this was a year later, I would vote Semi.. Jason Tatum has the potential to be the most dominant player in this series and can play BIG in BIG games, YET he hasn't had much Go-To experience at the end of a playoff game. Either has Beal. Curry and Paul have been in the fire.. That plus a slightly better bench. Semi has the beter overall team of talent But is 1 year too young IMO. 

Champ in 7..

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I'll go with the Nuggets, but I do like the rotation for the Grizzlies. I just think that if they need a better #1 option. Beal and Tatum are cool, but if Steph is at full health, then that's just hard to beat, especially if he has good defenders and other solid outside shooters next to him. Oh, and another big man that can help as a playmaker, PLUS D'Antoni's offense in day and age where the 3 ball and offensive efficiency are arguably more important than ever.

I'll take that, even though I don't like the CP3 fit that much. I'd be interested in seeing the two teams swing a trade though. Center it around Brogdon for CP3, and throw in other fillers to make each team bite.

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