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With the 49 th pick in 2020 NFL draft pittsburgh steelers select ????


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45 minutes ago, jebrick said:

Chase Young.  why do you keep asking?

could probably combine 2 or 3 of his threads on the 1st page alone.

to answer the question i am thinking it will be a rb or wr unless a lb like queen falls or someone unexpected that should have been picked in the 20s

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7 minutes ago, Gibster16226 said:

I'm thinking Hurts ,   was watching NFL network the other day and i know reporters are all hype , but Adam schefler said steelers were high on hurts ,  don't really know if they are or anything   just going on what schefler said !!!!     Thats all

Honestly I won’t be shocked to see them take anyone. I think we’ve got a really solid roster. Hurts is definitely a long term investment.

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53 minutes ago, mwalker said:

One of these five (not who I prefer, but what I think they'll do):


That’s a good list but I would add Delpit,  Mims and Jonathan Taylor if they are there as well.

While I would love Gallimore, Blacklock, or Madubuike and I think we use one of our top 4 picks on NT, I hope we do not take one in round 2.

Theres really good value between 102 and 135. Guys I like are Leki Fotu, Davon Hamilton (would love him at 102), Rashard Lawrence, McTelvin Agim, Bravion Roy (later)

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Please not Hurts!!!

Lifelong Sooner fan. Watched every Hurts game and here's my breakdown:

World class athlete, strong runner and with a strong arm, but NOT a good decision maker. He lit up the first half of the season as a passer. Then teams started pressuring him and pressing his receivers. That's when he starting to stumble. Oklahoma had to completely change their offense mid-season. Hurts began running the ball more than passing and half of his passes were short dumps. The offense had three excellent wide receivers, but he only trusted Lamb and was too nervous to look for other options consistently.

Remember this is the same offense that set all time records for 3 straight years before his arrival. Mayfield and Murray were downfield deep passers with accuracy. They stood strong in the pocket and scrambled to pass. Hurts scrambled to run. He had more carries than the top two running backs combined (233)  and 87 more carries than the far more gifted Murray (140) the previous year.

The other negative about Hurts is something that only those that have followed him closely may notice. He appears to be an awesome leader, but his bluster wears thin. His continual speeches about "rat poison" (believing positive press) and his desire for the camera get tiresome. His greatest game was the comeback against Baylor, but it was also his WORST game. He dug an enormous hole for the team with bad decision making in the first half, only to play like superman in the second half.

Hurts had too much success at quarterback to ever accept a position change for the NFL. So, his likely future will be as a Taysom Hill with more ability. Maybe he will develop. Maybe he will learn to read defenses better and make quicker decisions. But don't the Steelers already have a young tall strong quarterback that struggles with the same thing?

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