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2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

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3 minutes ago, broncosfan_101 said:

I remember how hard SF was panned for hiring him. Weird

The thing that impressed me about Lynch is he was flexible and not married to 1 idea - they were all in on Kirk Cousins in FA - until JimmyG fell into their lap.  Lynch's willingness to max out draft value, and to listen to other FO guys while he learned the ropes of the technical aspects of the job, are a huge reason why SF is on a sustained rise.  Sometimes being smart and open to leaning on others, while being bold, works.

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I can see how this kid was BPA on a board heavily influenced by outscoring KC. He has Fant like athleticism but is raw. 

This draft is showing that we trust the position coaches to coach up / scheme up OL and D in general, but we strongly believe you can’t coach up speed.

Lock must be salivating. 

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