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Dante Fowler Arrested; UPDATE: Charged with 3 misdemeanors

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3 minutes ago, Adrenaline_Flux said:

I laughed out loud, to be honest.

Same. The image of a grown man throwing someone else's groceries in a lake is hilarious.

But this is just a continuation of his childish behavior. Between this and the video of him egging on those two women to fight last offseason, it's clear we have a child on our hands.

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6 minutes ago, CWood21 said:

I know he missed his rookie season with injury, but how did he play last year?

He was somewhere between decent to good as an edge run defender. Trash as a pass rusher for the majority of the year. Showed glimpses of something in the pass rush department the last few weeks, but nothing overly great.

If he wasn't the #3 overall pick, I'd bet there would have been speculation he doesn't make the roster, even prior to this.

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Two assault charges

Video of him egging his "baby mama" on in a fight

Four speeding tickets

A crash that caused $1500 worth of damage

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