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Steelers 2020 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

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Just now, kurgan said:

Dude... and very little surprise picks.  Been very cookie cutter so far.  Simmons to Arizona is the biggest one but not totally crazy.

Yeah I expected AZ to go OT. That surprised me. But beyond that, nothing exciting. 

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No lie... I am a UGA homer and I love AT, but Becton is the most fun OT to watch.  Biggest bust potential, but he is on tape abusing folks.  One handed blocks, not a technical dude, but if you want a bully, he is the one.  He is a large human being...

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3 minutes ago, bigben07MVP said:

Looking at the board I am SO happy we traded for Minkah...

Who would we have taken there, McKinney? Lol

Yea... Would have had too.  Although, I would make the argument that we wouldn't have been picking at 18.  Might have been higher.

But, yes... def McKinney.  I would have loved Kinlaw, but we would have needed a FS, and McKinney is a good one.

EDIT:  First reach... Arnette to LV is a solid 1 round reach for Mayock.

EDIT 2: Chaisson would be a good get as well.

Edited by kurgan
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1 minute ago, MOSteelers56 said:

Ruggs and then Arnette. I think that’s two head scratchers for LV. Mayock’s pretty smart, though.

I just feel like Jeudy is such a better fit for Carr and their offense than Ruggs. They already have Tyrell Williams to stretch the field and they need a guy who can get open and give Carr easy throws.

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