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Bears Downs


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15 minutes ago, BlaqOptic said:

So tired of Mike Tomlin. These losses to bad teams on the road have indirectly resulted in the following...

- Losing to Tim Tebow (Steelers were on the Road vs Hosting at Home due to 2 losses like this)

- Not making the post-season 2 years in a row (Two consecutive 8-8 seasons with at least 2 losses to bad teams like this)

- Not getting a Bye twice (Two losses to bad teams leaving the Steelers 1 win short of a tie-breaker for a Bye).

I have no issue losing to good teams. That's one thing. But to continually lose to teams that are bad on the road just reaks of hubris. It's almost worse than Andy Reid and his desire to throw the ball.


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1) Hargrave-->Played like a monster today.  Shaping up to be a star

2) Brown-->As usual, incredibly consistent.  Always comes to play.  Same can't be said for the rest of the offense

3) Vance McDonald-->Huge play to chase down the bears player on the blocked FG


Struggling to come up with anything else



1) Coaching: This one sticks out to me the most.  Tomlin continues his tradition of losing to sub-par teams on the road.  Why is Harrison on the bench when they are running to the left side every play?  He's one of the best run defending linebackers in the league.  I'm not sure what's going on with the coaches and Harrison but it's incredibly strange.  

2) Special Teams: Blocked field goal, muffed punt....my god.  One of the worst special teams performances I've seen in a while.

3) Offensive Line: Couldn't open up holes in the run game, not creating the time we are used to

4) Ben: Didn't play terrible but has yet to wow us.  You'd hope he'd be carrying the offense a bit more than he has

5) Defensive Effort:  I don't remember the last game where I saw that many missed tackles and such a lack of attention to detail especially in a game where the play calling was so obvious.  It was either a run to the left or a check down.  

6) Referees:  Those holding calls in overtime were as blatant as you'll ever see.  Those are huge plays that can't be missed.  

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16 minutes ago, CKSteeler said:

Decastro became the first person within the Steelers organization to actually admit that the team plays down to competition postgame today.

You can tell in playcalling, especially offensively, that we don't respect bad teams enough.  It's like "oh we'll be bland and our talent will win" rather than "oh lets make them regret trying to step to us" playcalling.

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In the past, I would call it playing down to competition.

Honestly, right now, I dont think we are playing down....I think we simply arent that good.

Ben looks like poo.   People are quick to point out coaching, and obviously there is an issue there when playing sub-par teams....but what have we done this season that makes anyone think we are more than an average team?   Ben certainly hasnt played like a highly paid franchise QB.    Bell doesnt look anywhere close to the most versatile weapon in the NFL.    Bryant is still an inconsistent, largely one trick pony.     The OLine looks middle of the pack rather than top 5.      The defense still clearly lacks playmakers.    Coaching is very questionable and inconsistent week to week.

Bottom line...while I know Tomlin has a rep for this, this loss wasnt just on him.     I didnt feel like we lacked energy and motivation like we have in past losses to bad teams.  It just felt like we were an average team outplayed by a below average team.....not a good team being outplayed by a bad team.

And while its not very comforting, people should remember that this Bears team did push the Falcons to the limit as well.   They arent quite as bad as they were made out to be.

In the end, we still shouldve won this game....but while Tomlin and coaching overall deserve some much deserved heat, its time to come to grips with the reality that Ben very well might be regressing before our very eyes, and that our defense still majorly lacks talent and leadership.     Our safeties are pure garbage, and none of our LBs are great in run support, and that includes Shazier.

We need to stop buying into the hype.

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