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Trade Up or Trade Back


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The forum consensus seems to be that we should not trade up from #32. What about from #63? #96?

If We trade back from #32, with whom would we dance? One scenario for me is that only 3 QB are taken in the first 31 selections. Say Miami takes Tua and the Chargers opt for OT. Would Detroit try to trade up, anticipating LA plans to deal with Cincinnati? Would the Chargers deal in-division? 

What do you foresee?


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2 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

How far is too far? Is there one player you want to get in the 2nd round?

From #32 to #40 is worth #103. From #32 to #50 is worth #80, using the old chart. Is ten picks in the second round worth 20 picks in the third round?



I like Robert Hunt.

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2 minutes ago, samsel23 said:

I’m fine either way.   I doubt we’ll get much in terms of offers to trade down though,  might just be me put 25-45 seems like the pocket of this draft where the value you’re getting isn’t going to raise or drop much.

only if a QB is still on the board.  as KSJ says depends on how board falls.

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