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Marqise Lee is a free agent. Played well for Packers offensive coordinator in Jacksonville couple years ago. Could sign him to cheap, 1 year deal.

Need DL, WR, LB in that order. I say DL 1st because the Pack needs a impact DL or teams will continue to run the ball at will. Need a complimentary WR, and ILB. We should be in win now mode, and drafting a OT, CB, or isn't going to help the Packers win now. Or not as much as a DT would.

Would be different is the Pack signed a DT like snacks, or a WR like Lee that would can't the order of our needs and take the BPA is the First round of the draft.

DL and WR would still be a need but not 1st round need. The DT class is weak this year also.

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