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My Day Before Draft Mock

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Round 1) Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama- While this isn't the pick I'd like here, I can feel it happening in my bones. We don't have a deep threat and Sutton has little to no health. We finally get a burner at WR for the first time since early Eddie Royal when we first drafted him. I think he's just a pure speed guy at best ala Ted Ginn but I'm not so sure. I'd like him to be our Tyreek Hill but that may be too good to be true.

 Round 2) AJ Terrell, CB, Clemson- Tall lanky fast corner with good hips and instincts. If he's unavailable, I'd like to see us go with Trevon Diggs. We need talent and competition at Corner. One can't stay healthy and the other is a shell of his former self. Then we have Yiadom. Wahoo. Jaylon Johnson would be my third choice here.

Round 3) Tyler Biadiaz, C, Wisconsin- We don't have a good, starting caliber, or backup caliber on the roster. We signed an average tweener who Fangio confirmed is playing RG. We get size and power and experience in the pivot spot. My favorite OL prospect in the draft. Thank you jesus. Thank you Tom Cruise.

Round 3) Saahdiq Charles, OT, LSU- Competition and young talent to push the waste of space that is Garret Bolles. Sianara!

Round  4)  Josiah Coatney, NT, Mississippi- Mike Purcell is all we have at the NG spot more depth and competition at a position that is reliant on rotations to stay healthy, energized, and effective.

Round 5) Marlon Davidson, DE, Auburn- Casey is up there is age and we lost Derek Wolfe, 

Round 6) Lynn Bowden JR, WR, Kentucky- Nice speedy slot guy to compete with Patrick and Hamilton for 3, 4, and 5 duties. 

Round 7) Daishawn Dixon, G, San Diego State- Some more interior depth and competition that we could definitely use. 

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I would give this a C in all honesty. 

I really dislike Terrell. I am all aboard the Bryce Hall bandwagon and would take him 2.46 over Terrell and Diggs. If he didn't get injured, he would be a late R1 guy IMO. I just don't see much that stands out with either Terrell and Diggs, outside hitting the H/W/S thresholds. I hope we take a guy that has length, but also great ballhawking instincts in zone. Its why Hall, Dantzler and Amik are really high on my list. We don't just need guys that can stay with WR's, in this division with KC bound to score points we need guys that take the ball away and make splash plays. I don't see that with Terrell or Diggs personally. 

To me Biadiaz is a R4 or later guy. His injury history is scary and he doesn't move well at the 2nd level. Smart as hell and wins his 1-v-1 matchups, but a scheme limited guy who may have a degenerative hip. I love him in R4 despite his limits, but in this deep draft taking him (nearly) top 75 is just not a good use of assets. 

Charles, like Tyler, is being over drafted IMO. The developmental OT depth is insane and he should be closer to middle / late R4. He isn't as physical as I like and has character issues. Much prefer someone like Ben Bartch or even Hakeem Adeniji (Who is the same build and athleticism but more tested w/ higher character and versatility). 

Havent scouted Coatney, think Davidson and Bowden will be long gone, but if available they help make up for the R2/R3 guys IMO. 

Missing our 3rd R3 and 2nd R7 FWIW. 

Disagree that Ruggs is a pure speed guy, he has great hands and plays meaner than Ginn ever did (Albeit he isn't a Bolden or anything). If he falls into our laps at 1.15, you take him. His floor is a amalgamation of the Texans speedsters IMO (Fuller + Stills). 


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