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I'm hosting a tailgate on here for myself, these tumbleweeds and anyone who decides to respond, or at least read the thread. Woohoo!

Arizona Cardinals Draft Picks (Six Selections):

1.8 (8): Isaiah Simmons, DEF, Clemson

3.8 (72): Josh Jones, OT, Houston

4.8 (114): Leki Fotu, DT, Utah

4.25 (131): Rashard Lawrence, DL, LSU

6.23 (202): Evan Weaver, LB, Cal

7.8 (214): Eno Benjamin, RB, ASU

I'll update this post during the draft to show updated picks and player selections (I expect the Cardinals to make at least one trade). 

My big board:

 HoboRocket (NFLscoutGuy@gmail.com) Final Big Board

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I have CeeDee Lamb as my 8th overall prospect. That said, there are a number of ways that the Cardinals could go. At this point, I feel that Tristan Wirfs is the best option at pick 8. 

Jordan Love is 72 on my big board, but he's certainly not going to be the pick for the Cardinals. I have AJ Terrell, Bryce Hall, and Jaylon Johnson fairly close to that spot, though. In such a deep corner class for second-day talent, it's fairly realistic that one of Terrell, Hall, Johnson, Noah Igbinoghene, Trevon Diggs, Jeff Gladney, Kristian Fulton, or Damon Arnette could be available at that spot. As far as the offensive line goes, I have Netane Muti, Nick Harris, and Tyler Biadasz located fairly close to that spot. Biadasz and Muti have major injury red-flags, but both are dominant players on the interior. Nick Harris could play center or guard, and would be an excellent fit for Kliff's scheme. Solomon Kindley is also a flat-out dominant prospect and is within range, but is more of a fit for man/gap schemes and has some weight concerns. There are also a plethora of WR options, so they could take one there if they trade Kirk. 

Bradlee Anae is 114 on my board and is a fairly realistic pick. He'd be a solid pick as someone who could play multiple positions and give decent production. Other ED prospects like Jon Greenard, Julian Okwara, Josh Uche, Kenny Willekes, and Terrell Lewis are also in range. Jeremy Chinn is also there, and could be an option for a poor-man's Isaiah Simmons if they're dead set on grabbing a tweener in that mold. I'm not predicting that those guys will be available at that juncture (ED tends to get overdrafted and some of these guys are borderline first-round picks in most mocks with how thin this class is), but if they're there, this is where I like the value.

Around 131, they could beef up the interior of the DL, as you start to go into the range of dart-throw day-3 picks who could go late day 2 or undrafted. A couple guys stand out to me. There's Nick Coe, who has fantastic athleticism on tape, a great frame, and versatility. He can play 3-tech, 5-tech, or even wide-9 with his athletic ability. It's not even out of the realm of possibility that he's a viable option playing 0 in sub-packages. He's great against the run and was outstanding against the pass in 2018, even getting hyped as a first-rounder before the season. However, 2019 was a freak year where he just didn't get the sack numbers. It's kind of like with Vinny Curry a few years ago, where Vinny had zero sacks, but was a much more impactful player than that. Coe is similar, where he makes an impact even if he doesn't hit home, and he has plenty of upside. 6'5", 280-295 range, and his body really can hold either end of that spectrum. Larrell Murchison is also right there, and he'd be a 3 or 5 tech to rotate in with Zach Allen. He had some dominant performances for the NC State Wolfpack. He has experience as a two-gap, and his best role is probably shooting gaps in a penetrator-type role. Not a great anchor and he's not too lengthy, but there's a lot to like otherwise. Good moves, good motor, very quick, good enough strength and powerful hands. Joshua Kelley is also an option, and I really like him, but the value may not be there with how the Cardinals' roster is constructed where Kelley would likely be the third RB.

Now, at 208 and 222, I think some good options include Tennessee WR Marquez Callaway (I really like him), Virginia WR Joe Reed (great all-around weapon, 5 return TDs, ran the football, caught the football, rocked up frame... he compares very favorably to Deebo Samuel), Portland State TE Charlie Tamoepeau, Auburn CB Javaris Davis, Tulsa EDGE Trevis Gipson, and Miami EDGE Trevon Hill. All of them could feasibly have roles on this team either right now or in the future, and that's about as much as you could ask for from a late-sixth or seventh-round pick. I really like the upside with Gipson, Callaway, Reed, and Tamoepeau, while Davis and Hill translate very well to what Vance Joseph likes to do on defense. 

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Jeff Okudah to the Lions. They're getting a supreme talent at corner across from Desmond Trufant. 

What a time to go to Ohio State! Burrow, Young AND Okudah... Jeez.

Now, onto a real question: which tackle do the Giants like best? Or do they trade down with a team leap-frogging Miami?

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Great way not to overthink it with the Giants. He's the best OT in the draft. Best run-blocker, and he simply doesn't get beaten in pass pro. Long and strong.

The Chargers' chances of going OT just dropped sharply IMO.

The Cardinals' chances of drafting Simmons skyrocketed. They could sti get Wirfs, though.

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Simmons is the pick!

It may be a wasted pick if Vance doesn't get more creative, though.

He's like a Christian McCaffrey on defense. McCaffrey is a stud. But he'd be wasted away if the Panthers ran him between the tackles every play. He can do it, but he's not at his best when he's being used that way. They could put him at WR, and he could be productive, but he'd have less of an impact on offense only playing there. Realistically, McCaffrey is at his best when they're changing him up - moving him to the slot, running isos, counters, split him out wide, inside zone, texas out of the backfield, outside zone. They can use pre-snap motion and give defenses that same exact look on each of those plays on the same drive. McCaffrey's good, but his versatility is what makes him deadly. Simmons is just like that, but on defense. 

If they pigeonhole him, he's Mark Barron. If they let him play and do his thing, he can be a Hall of Famer.

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More round 1 notes:

I've been in a conference call with my family during the draft, and I'm back at it! Let me just take a minute to flex to the tumbleweeds. I called the Henry Ruggs, Mekhi Bekton, Javon Kinlaw, Justin Jefferson, and Austin Jackson picks. So I'm psyched about that. 

I can't believe that CeeDee fell as far as he did. With quality center prospects available on days 2 and 3, that Dallas offense could be legendary if McCarthy can just be decent as the play-caller. I mean, Amari is Amari. Gallup is a borderline #1 WR. CeeDee was arguably the best WR in the draft. Zeke is a Freak. Man. That offense... ooh!

And now, with the Seahawks' pick of Jordyn Brooks, I've called yet another thing! The Seahawks came out of left field with their pick. There are three GMs that tend to do that: John Schneider, Thomas Dimitroff, and Mike Mayock. All three have accomplished that this year. Are those picks good values? Nope! Could they be good draft picks? Yep!

Jordan Love in Green Bay is literally the best position for him. He needs like three years to learn how to play football, and he'll likely get that in Green Bay.

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Jordyn Brooks was 148 on my big board. 

Henry Ruggs was the third WR on my big board and picked first among them.

Damon Arnette was a first-rounder on my board, but many people had him as a day 2 pick. He was picked ahead of where I had his value.

AJ Terrell was the 62nd player on my big board and my 8th corner. He was selected as the third corner. 

In 2019, the Raiders took Clelin Ferrell at number 4 overall as the second DL selected when I had him as the 17th prospect and 6th DL. 

In 2019, the Falcons selected Chris Lindstrom early in round one when he was rated as a day 2 guy by most people, and then they traded back into the first for Kaleb McGary, whom a lot of people had as a 4th-rounder (I had him as a borderline first, but not the type of dude you give up extra resources to get). 

In 2019, the Seahawks took LJ Collier in the first round lol. In 2018, the Seahawks took Rashaad Penny in the first round lol. 

They've subverted my expectations enough that I expected them to subvert my expectations. So they're predictable in their unpredictability.

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