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6 hours ago, 11sanchez11 said:

Simmons is a great pick. 

And I never bought the DC doesn't know what to do with him thing. As long as they aren't making him play deep safety or interior dline on most plays he'll be good. 

Welcome to the party!

And yeah, he's a great pick. As can be seen in my big board post, he was #4 for me, and the second-best defender in the class, behind only Chase Young. That's huge for a defense that was the worst in the NFL last season. 

If I were the Cards, I'd see if I could trade Haason Reddick for Sydney Jones from the Eagles. Otherwise, I think the defense is set.

If the value's there, though, I wouldn't have a big issue with them adding more talented rookies to the D.

Edit: Nevermind, that link isn't working. Allow me to embed it here.

HoboRocket (NFLscoutGuy@gmail.com) Big Board

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1 minute ago, 11sanchez11 said:

3 good options for RT now

hopefully one works out lol

Jones could always play inside at right guard, too. He has the power and agility to thrive as a guard in an outside zone scheme. 

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My draft wishlist for today:

• DL/EDGE help. Someone like Nick Coe, Larrell Murchison, or Oluwole Betiku would go a long way to help this team's rotation.

• Another big-bodied WR. Someone like Antonio Gandy-Golden would make a lot of sense at this juncture. Yes, we added Nuk, one of the league's best red-zone threats. But we were one of the WORST teams in the red zone last year, and we lost David Johnson, one of our only productive receivers in that area of the field. Adding another red zone target to pair with Nuk and Larry Legend would be a boon to this team's red-zone efficiency. Especially someone like Gandy-Golden, who has EXTREME jump-ball and contested catch ability. He's everything Collin Johnson is supposed to be.

• Charlie Tamoepeau. I love this guy.

• Joe Reed. I love this guy, too.

• Secondary help. Bryce Hall would be a slam-dunk pick. The other guys left aren't ideal, as we need perimeter players, but Amik Robertson has talent as a slot-only corner. Darnay Holmes has serious upside at the same position. 

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