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With the 13th pick of the 2020 NFL draft, the Bucs select Tristan Wirfs | OT | Iowa

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On 5/3/2020 at 1:55 PM, Caaddy24 said:

That's pretty sweet, I've never seen it scripted out like that. 

I wish they did this with all teams so we're not always wondering WHY??

Teams are just naturally secretive so it's super hard to get an inside look sometimes. Glad that Licht agreed because it's always cool see the details and story behind all of this. This is what King said this past week:



I had been in nine draft rooms over the years, to tell the inside story of a specific team’s draft. But I felt like this season was particularly important, because this could the most unique draft in modern NFL history, with GMs picking alone from their homes, connected to their staffs by videoconference only. So I reached out to several teams, getting shot down by all but two.

I pushed hard with the last two, Tampa Bay and another team. I explained that this draft would be historic. I said to the two GMs I was talking to, essentially, If you’re really confident in your plan, and you’re confident in your relationship with your scouts and the head coach, and you’re comfortable with working this new technology seamlessly, how great would it be to have a journalistic record of exactly what happened on the strangest night of your professional career? One GM finally said no. Jason Licht said yes. It helped that the Bucs’ VP of communications, Nelson Luis, was on board. It probably helped that I have good relationships with Licht—he’s a big craft beer guy—and Bruce Arians.

And I think this draft was important to Licht for another reason: It was his first since the most important man in his life died. His father and inspiration died last fall, and I thought it was significant that he had the RON LICHT nameplate from his dad’s job at an irrigation company on his desk; I could see he felt he would have his father with him in spirit that night, and I wanted to make that point too.

Nine times out of 10 I fail when I look to embed with a team. It is certainly a leap of faith for a team to do it, and I always understand when they say no. I’m grateful when one says yes. I appreciate Licht and the Bucs being open to the process.


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