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2020 1st Round Pick- Isaiah Wilson OT- Georgia

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1 minute ago, 615finest said:

Ima UGA fan so I like him but Don’t see the point of signing Kelly to a 3 yr deal Now.. Feel like Amik is who they’ll be aiming for tomorrow for the CB position

Maybe he is replacing Nate Davis.
Making Davis depth?

Either way..I don't like it. 
WIlson was an OG at Georgia and by looking at his numbers, don't look like he has the athletic ability to be an OT.


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They like their versatility. Probably replaces the weakest link on the right side of the OL whoever that is next year.

There are certain positions I'm against 1st round investments and OG is one of them. Don't know much about the prospects I've kind of stepped away from football for a little bit so I can't say anything about the talent value. Positional value is meh here though.

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I'm indifferent to it at the moment.  

Seems like a pick where down the line we either are talking about what a massive mistake the pick was or how great a job we did in grabbing him. No middle ground. We'll just have to wait to see how it plays out.

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