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Welcome to Atlanta, A.J. Terrell!

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I wrote two articles last night about A.J. Terrell. Let me know what you think of our new player!

Instant Analysis: Falcons get cover skills from CB A.J. Terrell


Falcons Draft Profile: Breaking down A.J. Terrell as a cover corner


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I tend to always support Falcons' picks because I think Dimitroff and staff have earned that trust, so it's probably not saying much but I liked the pick. I think most people who didn't like it tend to get caught up on two things: a) his perceived draft projection (in their eyes, borderline 1st/mid 2nd) and b) the LSU game. Regarding his draft projection, look at where some of the more plugged in analysts had him going (i.e. Daniel Jeremiah had him going 19 to the Raiders). Arnette went 19, Ighinoghene went 30, and Gladney went 31. Note that Fulton did not get selected, even though I lot of people had him as the third best corner. It's impossible to say but for certain, but I think Terrell would have been the third CB off the board at 19 to the Raiders had we passed on him. 

Regarding the LSU game, which I think goes hand-in-hand in why some people had him lower on their boards, I challenge those to watch that game again with an open mind. Aside from the fact that everyone has bad games, I actually think he wasn't THAT bad. Look at the position he was in on a lot of those plays and keep in mind of the talent level he was going against. Burrow obviously went #1, but Chase who he matched up with is going to be a top 10 pick next year. Jefferson who wasn't their best receiver just went in the first round. That's one of the best offenses college football has ever seen. Clemson asked Terrell to play on an island against every team's #1. That is the kind of respect that Dabo and Venables had for him. 

I'm also excited the Falcons didn't trade up. I'd gladly take Terrell plus a 2nd over Henderson. This draft is really deep on day 2 talent. Terrell has all the makings to be what Collins briefly flashed, without all the headaches that came with him. Also, what's with the Alford comparison that fans were throwing out? I get it, Terrell had a knack for being a little grabby but that's where it ends. Terrell has three inches on Alford. Alford was the better athlete, but Terrell is the better player. 

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