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2.58 - MIN: Ezra Cleveland T/Boise State

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If your in a competing\contending window, i think a GM would be just as inclined to draft the 23 as the 21 year old, since there is a general sentiment that the 23 year body might be more ready and they may have more experience in offenses\defenses

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Posted (edited)

Made some edits of Ezra Cleveland film from 2017:

He looks big and strong enough to play in the NFL even at 19. The Colorado State game is especially impressive for a teenager. And yet 3 years later, the conventional wisdom is that he needs a redshirt rookie year in the NFL to gain play strength.

The more I watch him, I think he could play guard. He definitely moves people off the line when he’s run blocking.

If you’ve watched one of both of those videos, here’s Brian O’Neill in his draft year to compare and contrast:

O’Neill is much lighter on his feet, both for good (getting downfield on the screen, getting wide to pass block) and bad (unable to anchor a couple of times, pushed back in the run game.

Still can’t believe anyone sees Cleveland as being especially similar to O’Neill.  

Edited by Krauser

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