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2.62 - AJ Dillon [RB; Boston College]

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Gute does like his athletic metrics in the early picks



# Name Comb. Pos. School Age HT WT pSPARQ z-score NFL% Last Name HT WT AL HS WING 40 YD 20 YD 10 YD Shuttle 3-Cone BP Vert. Broad
1 A.J. Dillon Yes RB Boston College 22.3 6003 247 144.1 1.8 96.7 Dillon 6003 247 31.63 9.63 77.625 4.53   1.53   7.19 23 41 10.92
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4 minutes ago, YaddaHolla said:

He’s opposite of Jones who is the perfect fit for MLF. So I don’t get it

I'm thinking that they are adjusting to a power back to compete with the 49ers defense. The 49ers have a hard time with playing defense against powerful running backs.

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Don't understand this pick.  Looks like a draft of a team that's in a full blown, start from scratch rebuild.  


We've drafted the replacement for 2 of our 3 best skill position players last year.  This draft has the looks of a team that's in full blown, start from scratch rebuild.  Not only have we not made 1 single improvement from last year but we're substantially worse on both sides of the ball.  

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