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Pick #80 is in: RB/WR/QB, Lynn Bowden, Kentucky

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This pick made me smile, very large. Gruden is making our offense dynamic and hard to game plan against. Poor man's McCaffrey? In his ability to line up everywhere.  Between him and Ruggs, our offense can do a lot more than years past. 

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4 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

Anyone hating on this pick has only seen him play this past year at QB. He is a player that can be put everywhere. This pick makes me really believe that Gibson would have been a possibility if he was there. 

Yup, he's going to be Gruden's toy. He's going to line him up anywhere and everywhere. Running routes from the backfield, slot, outside. Anything to confuse a defense. 

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Bolden beat VT in the bowl game by himself basically has an attitude that you love your players to have when he gets on the field. 

His ability to willingness to play QB was probably a huge bonus for Mayock and Gruden shows that its team over everything. 

A player that you can use in the red zone where we have had major issues scoring TDs. Him and Ruggs oh yeah

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