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Draft Rounds 4-7: FINISH THE DRAFT

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4 minutes ago, matt79511 said:

Let's be careful using this phrase, lest we forget that Frederick only made it six years

... yes, it feels great to yell and Plan and Slam for being too optimistic

No one expected Frederick’s illness. Different situation.

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3 minutes ago, plan9misfit said:

Let’s list their “accomplishments” this weekend:

1. They lost out on a trade up for the best WR in the draft....who went to us.

2. They knee jerk reacted to us drafting Lamb by reaching on Reagor and taking him a full round early.

3. They passed on Justin Jefferson - a better player - to take Reagor.

4. They drafted Carson Wentz’ replacement in the 2nd round; and they guy can’t play the position.

5. They reached on all of their mid round picks.

6. They handed us a 10 year starter at Center when they themselves need a new Center.


I actually like Raegor...but taking a QB in round 2? Wtf was that. 

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2 minutes ago, D82 said:

Frederick was a fluke thing though. Nobody could have predicted he'd come down with an autoimmune disease that would end his career early. 

Just now, plan9misfit said:

No one expected Frederick’s illness. Different situation.

And Biasdaz goes ~100 picks earlier if not for his own health woes

I'm just saying that's a lofty expectations for even the best players in the league. Ware didn't make it ten years here, neither did Dez. Lee and Tyron have put their bodies through absolute hell to make it that long. Football is brutal

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1 minute ago, plan9misfit said:

He’s always been a Cowboys fan. That’s why he was so angry that we lied to him and passed on him for Greg freaking Ellis.

We need to make amends! Pronto! Moss deserved to be drafted and we didn't do it. This Moss probably doesn't deserve to be drafted but it's the late 7th. Let's break the curse!!

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